For Minnesota movement conservatives, now isn’t the time for pointing fingers and recriminations. Yes, we suffered a major defeat Tuesday night, partially because we put the marriage amendment on the ballot at the end of the 2011 legislative session but mostly because we haven’t invested in the messaging and organization that the DFL has. Let me explain.

ABM is a despicable, deceitful organization filled with people committed to lying if that’s what it takes to win elections. That said, they set the DFL’s agenda with their communications. I’m not suggesting we sell our souls like ABM and other DFL parasite organizations have done. I’m suggesting that we get more involved in proactive messaging that shapes issues, puts the DFL on the defensive and questions the DFL’s thinking and policies.

The first thing we need to do now that we’re stuck with a DFL legislature and governor for the next 2 years is figure out what their plan is. That’s pretty simple. The DFL will raise taxes, increase environmental regulations and spend money recklessly. The next thing that conservatives need to prepare for is highlighting the DFL catastrophic failures.

The DFL’s tax increases will slow the economy. The environmental regulations that DFL activist organizations will insist on will cripple the Iron Range because they’ll cripple the mining, logging and shipping industries.

The DFL will spend tons of money on education. They’ll spend tons of money on MNSCU with little regard for whether MNSCU will spend the taxpayers’ money wisely. (HINT: It won’t be spent wisely.)

It isn’t enough for conservatives to say that education is a good thing and that they support education. It’s time to highlight the appalling flaws with government schools, MnSCU and the U of M.

It’s time to highlight how much of the taxpayers’ money these institutions spend on lobbying. It’s time for K-12 activists to highlight the counterproductive programs that don’t prepare students for life after graduation. It’s time to highlight how much money is spent on administrators that don’t enhance educational outcomes.

Next, we need a party of evangelists, people that know the issues and reach out to communities that we’ve ignored. That means staying in constant contact with minority communities. That means trashing the GOP model of approaching the minority communities 6 months before an election, then asking for their support.

Remind everyone that we’re the only political party in Minnesota that celebrates the entrepreneurial movement, that praises achievers and that thinks innovators should be rewarded with tax simplification, streamlined regulations and constantly growing profits.

The DFL certainly doesn’t fit that description. In fact, they’ve spent the last 3 years villainizing entrepreneurs, faintly praising innovators, voting against a streamlined permitting process and collecting support from environmental organizations that are destroying the Iron Range.

Finally, it’s time we put in place the organization that will get conservatives moving in the right direction simultaneously while highlighting Alida Messinger’s deceitful machine. That means highlighting her funding of ABM’s smear tactics and Conservation Minnesota’s anti-mining, anti-freedom agenda.

This is doable. It’s been done in other states, most notably in Wisconsin. Let’s get started winning the future. We know that the DFL isn’t the future. It’s time to start working towards making them the Party of the failed past.

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  • Patrick says:

    You’re a loser. Your political agenda has not only only failed to be mainstream, youre white, male autocratic viewpoint is rapidly becoming irrelavant. Maybe you should move into a remote cabin and start mailing out letter bombs now, rather than wait for the next round of political losses to come first.

  • #6 says:

    I also say that the Republicans in the Legislature shouldn’t sit on their hands. They should submit budgets to the committees. They should offer reform legislation. They should act like their in the majority, even though they’re not. Yes, I know it won’t pass, but paint the Democrats into a corner. Offer common sense solutions when the offer their destructive nonsense. Also, try to amend their bills to make them worse. When the offer legislation to approve homosexual “marriages”, offer an amendment to allow polygamy. Use their arguments against them. Go to the press. Use the press against them. Use talk radio, to fire up the base. Stay in touch on a very regular basis. Stay in touch with the bloggers. They are the new media.
    Here’s my advice. I hope they follow it.

  • Gary Gross says:

    I hate pointing this out but Ted Kaczynski was a progressive who believed in global warming. He chose to not have electricity & running water because he didn’t want to harm the environment.

    Perhaps you could explain how people that trust in people making their own economic decisions is autocratic. I’m betting you can’t but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t impressed with how well you wrote your party’s chanting points for politically inobservant people. Here’s what I think of your intellectual heft:

  • Patrick-M says:

    Spot on. We need to start now; hire young people that are tech savvy and get going on contacting now – 21st century style. The USA has changed and we should be united if we want to win again. Case in point – are we professionals? Each time I showed up at a local Republican HQ office it was a mess, physical space, people working there; in fact no one greeted me ever.

    PS – there is another Patrick here posting so I put mine as Patrick-M

  • eric z says:

    With much past criticism of Obama and the CIA and Lybia, a post about whether, now, you see the problem improved by the leadership change might be a helpful analysis for readers. Or do you see things too close to the change now with scant facts out on which to base analysis?

    I don’t mean to hijact the thread, but it’s had a full comment range.

    And regarding the post, I can only say what I have said before; Ron Paul is the only viable voice I see on the Republican scene, with Paul Ryan too scary for most liberals or centrists. Ryan in 2016 would not win, and would harm your down-ticket folks. Your problem is not your organization, it is the quality of the people you select to offer.

  • eric z says:

    Ted K, let that aside. Randy Weaver was apolitical, and they intruded into his life causing extreme grief, with the motive to have ATF having something to show for their time and budget. Weaver was set up and screwed, and ATF next went and burned Koresh people at WACO, again without excuse. It is the “law and order” package some sold the public that allowed government war on drugs and war on the people, and it is time to listen to Ron Paul and shut down the drain on us from the “War on Drugs.” It is a war on the treasury, with too many highly paid drug warriors, putting a random mix of pot heads in the slammer but without any clue as to how to deal with tons of illegal drugs annually entering the borders. ATF, has it been rolled into Homeland Security, and where are the paychecks being sent now? How come neither party wants to talk about that kind of government abuse, with the Republicans instead carping over people’s health needs being met instead of folks dying in emergency room hallways? Both parties are at fault, but on your side, Ron Paul is talking sense in some ways, and is being cold-shouldered.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, it’s time you thought things through a bit. Ruby Ridge & Waco happened during Clinton’s term. Libya, not Lybia, is the biggest scandal in U.S. history. Let’s review what happened:

    1. President Obama and Hillary Clinton knew about the growing terrorist threat in Benghazi but repeatedly refused to increase consulate security.
    2. When the terrorist attack happened, the CIA on the ground called for military backup. This administration didn’t respond to that urgent plea for help. Thanks to this administration’s disinterest or incompetence, 4 American patriots died needlessly.
    3. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the military wasn’t dispatched because they didn’t know what they’d be jumping into. Former CIA operator Mike Baker & former Army Lt. Col. David Hunt said that Delta Force is specifically trained for such missions. Panetta failed these patriots, too.
    4. After the needless deaths of these heroic patriots, this administration called on their media allies to sell the story that a video triggered the attacks. The media didn’t question the administration. In fact, they eventually started saying that they were justified in not covering it because Mitt Romney didn’t talk about it. That’s media malpractice of the worst kind.

    Let’s be clear about this. This is President Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s Mary Jo Kopechne episode. They should be viewed by history as disgusting, vile politicians who didn’t prevent terrorist attacks & who didn’t protect their own employees.

    Watergate was more complex than this but it pales in comparison in terms of scandals. Nobody died as a result of Nixon’s decisions.

    As for the “War on Drugs costing too much money, that’s laughable coming from a reckless spending progressive who wants to spend money on obscure special interest groups’ wish lists. It’d be laughable if it wasn’t so ironic.

    You’ve proven that you hate employers but you expect them to hire people while making little profit. Reagan was right when he said “You can’t love jobs if you hate the job creators.” That’s what the DFL thinks right now. It won’t take long for them to crash Minnesota’s economy.

    Unfortunately, it’ll take forever to clean up the mess these idiots create.

  • walter hanson says:


    Back to your post is fight back with their own tatics. Lets introduce a voter ID bill and try to amend it to every single bill. Why?

    Because the basic argument that Mark Dayton and the opponents of voter ID used was that it should be done properly through the legislature. Well here’s the legislature and you have a responsibility to over a million Minnesotans that we do the bill now.

    Now one DFL lawmaker will grab his mike and say it’s time to do other issues.

    In which case we say, “So you lied about voter ID what else are you lieing about? Time to be honest.”

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Gary Gross says:

    Lets introduce a voter ID bill and try to amend it to every single bill. Why?

    That’s foolish. The Speaker rules from the chair that it isn’t germain to the legislation being debated. Debate on Photo ID is over immediately.

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