Last Thursday, the Duluth News Tribune surprised the political world when the DNT endorsed Mitt Romney. Anyone who predicted that should’ve immediately rushed out and bought a Powerball ticket. As astonishing as that was, this endorsement is just as astonishing:

Nolan, 68, would also be an able representative, though his reputation as an ultraliberal member of the 1970s Minnesota delegation raises questions about his own flexibility. Much has been made of Cravaack’s family moving to New Hampshire, but he’s stayed connected with his district. What matters most is the work he’d do in Washington. He’s earned another shot, but he should also face a stronger Democratic challenger in 2014.

It’s kinda funny hearing the Strib start by saying Nolan “would also be an able representative”, then see them finish by saying Chip should “also face a stronger Democratic candidate in 2014.”

The Strib is right, though, in highlighting Chip Cravaack’s availability to his constituents and the work he’s done in Washington, DC.

Cravaack has admirably bucked his party on labor and trade legislation, prevailing wage protections, the Buy America Steel amendment, that supported area industry and scored points with union members. The 52-year-old father of two is also praised widely around northeast Minnesota for his numerous town halls. He was quickly on the scene after Duluth’s devastating flood and has voted against Republican measures to cut disaster aid in general.

I predicted that Chip wouldn’t be an easy target, a prediction that was anything but unanimous. Chip’s relationship with the miners and other union workers would help him connect with his constituents.

I also knew that Chip’s unflinching support of Second Amendment and pro-life issues would stand him in good stead with Iron Rangers. Finally, Chip’s enthusiastic support of capitalism has played well with the many small businesses in the southern part of the Eighth.

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2 Responses to “What’s Minnesota coming to?”

  • eric z says:

    Nolan an “ultra liberal?”


    Bring it on.

    My bet, by my measure he’s a good moderate, much like Wellstone was.

    Or was he a Kucinich and/or Sanders kind? The kind we sorely need more of.

  • walter hanson says:


    Wellstone wouldn’t have voted to end Medicare like Nolan wants. To be exact if Wellstone had been alive and one of our two senators he would’ve used his being the 60th to reduce the cuts to medicare and not do the tax to medical devices companies so they might think of shipping their jobs overseas.

    Basically Nolan supports Obamacare which is one of the two reasons Oberstar lost the other being was that he wasn’t doing anything to help miners get jobs.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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