I recently wrote that John Murtha thinks that al Qa’ida will disappear if we leave Iraq. Based on this article, it appears as though the Fever Swamp fever has afflicted another foreign policy disaster. Here’s just one of the inflammatory things that Zbigniew Brzezinski said:

Brzezinski said there’s no reason to think a bloodbath would necessarily follow a U.S. withdrawal. “We expected that the U.S. leaving Vietnam would result in massive killings and genocide and so forth, and collapse of the dominoes in Southeast Asia,” he said. “It didn’t happen. How certain are we of the horror scenarios that have been mentioned in what will take place in Iraq?”

Listen to that idiot. He’s saying that the genocide in Pol Pot’s Cambodia didn’t happen. He’s saying that the Saigon massacre didn’t happen. That Zbigniew Brzezinski would dispute Pol Pot’s genocide is simply stunning. Pol Pot murdered over 1.5 million people so he could establish a communist Cambodia.

It should scare every sane American that Brzezinski is accorded any respect at all, especially in light of these comments and the significant role he played in the Iran Hostage Crisis disaster. As I said in the opening paragraph, he isn’t the only scary Democrat.

Here’s a John Murtha quote that’s destined to live in infamy:

People tend to say, well, if we leave there’s going to be chaos. I don’t believe that. Seventy-eight percent of the Iraqis say that’s not going to happen, 78 percent of the Iraqis say it’ll be…we’re the ones that are causing this and al Qaeda’s going to be…al Qaeda’s going to disappear.

What type of denial is afflicting John Murtha? It must be something awful because nobody except the most fatally afflicted Fever Swamper could believe that. Here’s another scary observation from Mr. Brzezinski:

As for Iraq, he argued that a “jointly set date of departure” for U.S. forces, agreed to by the American and Iraqi governments, would put pressure on Iraq’s various factions to reach an accommodation. U.S. diplomats should also try to pull Iraq’s neighbors into a discussion about that country’s security, as they all would be harmed if the situation there explodes.

How many more times do we have to hear the message that essentially says “It’s in everyone’s interest in the region to help stabilize Iraq”? If it’s “in everybody’s interest” to see a stabilized Iraq, why is al Qa’ida in Iraq teaming with the Iranian mullahs to destabilize Iraq?

Finally, there’s this Brzezinski quote:

“Since 9/11, which killed 3,000 Americans, 200,000 Americans have died violently, in car accidents,” Brzezinski said. “We accept that as a necessary aspect of our way of life. But I’m sad to say that perhaps terrorism may be a necessary aspect of our way for life for some time to come. It shouldn’t affect the totality of the national culture.”

Shut the hell up, Mr. Brzezinski. The day that I accept terrorism as “a necessary aspect of our way for life” is the day I want someone to slap some sense into me. This is what happens when you live by pacifist rules. This explains the Carter approach to the Hostage Crisis that lasted 444 days, ending finally eight minutes after President Reagan was sworn into office. Americans don’t accept defeatism. We prefer excellence.

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