It’s apparent that the Minnesota Senate DFL just won’t take no for an answer on tax increases. Here’s the details on their latest attempt to dramatically increase taxes:

Rather than raising income taxes on everyone, Senate Democrats plan to pass a tax bill Saturday that would give Minnesota the highest-in-the-nation top rate.

The proposal to raise just shy of $1 billion in taxes over the next two years would be achieved by adding a fourth tier to Minnesota’s current three-tier system. The new rate would be 9.7 percent. At least half of the proceeds would be used to offset higher education spending.

Senate Taxes Committee Chairman Tom Bakk said his Democratic colleagues rallied around the plan during a closed-door caucus Friday morning. They chose the approach over another one that would have raised income taxes across the board.

This fits seamlessly into State Sen. Steve Murphy’s quote, too:

“I’m not trying to fool anybody,” said Sen. Steve Murphy, DFL-Red Wing, sponsor of the measure that would increase funding for roads and transit by $1.5 billion a year once it was fully implemented in the next decade. “There’s a lot of taxes in this bill.”

The DFL continues to pass legislation that increases the tax burden on small businesses despite Gov. Pawlenty’s promise to veto any tax increase passed by the DFL-dominated legislature. The DFL has wasted all their time passing bills that they know won’t get signed into law. By doing this, they’re needlessly subjecting us to a special session. Shame on them for that. They’re more concerned, generally speaking, in showing Gov. Pawlenty that they’re the boss than they are with doing what’s right.

Another thing that the DFL should be ashamed of is the utter lack of bipartisanship on their behalf. I can literally count on one hand the number of amendments that the DFL has passed if it didn’t have a DFL co-sponsor. They’re trying to eliminate the JOBZ program that Gov. Pawlenty created. They’ve stripped out all of Gov. Pawlenty’s education initiatives.

I understand that they have the chairmanships but to defeat almost all of the minority party’s ideas is unheard of & unconscionable. That’s why I called this DFL-dominated legislature “they’re the worst Minnesota legislature in the state’s history.” These are just a smattering of the poor decisions that this DFL legislature has made.

The bad news is that this legislature refuses to work on behalf of the average Minnesotan. Instead, they’re working to repay their special interest allies. In my opinion, that’s the definition of irresponsibility.

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