Joe Lieberman has written an op-ed in today’s edition of USA Today. Here’s Sen. Lieberman’s perspective on what’s happening in Iraq:

Since taking command, Gen. Petraeus has been true to his word. The result? Sectarian violence is down in Baghdad. The radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has fled. The Mahdi Army, which terrorized Baghdad last year, appears to be splintering. And the Iraqi government, its spine stiffened thanks to our renewed support, is taking the critical steps for political reconciliation.

In other words, conditions in Iraq are dramatically improving. The Democrats’ reaction to that improvement has been predictable:

Amazingly, however, just at the moment things are at last beginning to look up in Iraq, a narrow majority in Congress has decided that it’s time to force our military to retreat. Rather than supporting Gen. Petraeus, they are threatening to strip him of the troops he says he needs and sabotage his strategy.

This is outrageous.

I’m thankful that Sen. Lieberman sticks to his beliefs. That’s what happens when a man thinks things through instead of shifting because of the polls. It’s obvious that Sen. Lieberman doesn’t have much in common with his former colleagues anymore. It’s equally obvious that that rift exists because Senate Democrats don’t believe in victory. If they did, they’d be for giving Gen. Petraeus’ plan a chance to work. As I’ve said before, Democrats political fortunes would plummet if we stabilized Iraq.

The deadline for retreat that Congress wants to impose is both arbitrary and inflexible. American troops would be forced to begin withdrawing regardless of conditions in Iraq, regardless of the recommendations of our military commanders, and regardless of what impact a hasty retreat would have on America’s security and credibility, in short, regardless of reality.

Weren’t Democrats whining that President Bush wasn’t “listening to the generals” this time last year? Anytime a general said anything negative about Iraq, the Democrats would accuse President Bush of ignoring that general. Now these same self-righteous Democrats aren’t ignoring “a” general. They’re telling “THE GENERAL” in Baghdad that they know better.

That’s the definition of chutzpah. It’s proof that Democrats are willing to ignore reality if it suits their needs at the time. I can’t say that that’s a surprise since some of the Democrats’ leadership thinks that al Qa’ida will disappear if we leave:

JACK MURTHA (D), PENNSYLVANIA REPRESENTATIVE: People tend to say, well, if we leave there’s going to be chaos. I don’t believe that. Seventy-eight percent of the Iraqis say that’s not going to happen, 78 percent of the Iraqis say it’ll be…we’re the ones that are causing this and al Qaeda’s going to be…al Qaeda’s going to disappear.

The only way to stop the Democrats’ insanity is to let them know in uncertain terms that they’ll be staring at defeat if they insist of unilaterally declaring defeat in Iraq.

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