Barney Frank is coming to Minneapolis to host a fundraiser for Jim Graves. They’ve picked the night of the first presidential debate to hold the fundraiser. Here’s the invitation:

Dear friends,

It’ll be a big night in politics indeed! And, I hope you’ll be there to enjoy the evening with me.

Congressman Barney Frank will be there too. He called last week, asking to host an event simply because he’s joined the legions of people across the nation who support me and my mission to restore sanity to American politics.

For fun, we’re timing his visit with abig-screen viewing of the first presidential debate in Cosmos at the Graves 601. It’ll be a lively evening, with drinks, great food and engaging discussions.

Did I mention that I sincerely hope that you’ll be able to join us?

The race against Michele Bachmann is polling within 2 points. I sincerely believe we’re going to win this thing, but she’s eons ahead of us in fundraising. We need to make sure we can get my message out – because it resonates with the voters!

The invite is below. Please do me a favor and pass it along to any friends and family you think may be interested as well.

If you can join me on October 3rd, simply RSVP to the email address on the invitation. (If you can’t, you’ll be missed but you can still go to [a deleted url] and make a donation).

Your support is deeply appreciated.

The thought that Barney Frank, one of the most unapologetic liberals in Congress the last 20+ years, is hosting a fundraiser for Jim Graves is like manna from heaven for Michele. She’s probably thinking that she just hit a Powerball jackpot.

First, Barney Frank is one of the chief culprits behind the credit/Fannie/Freddie meltdown. Michele voted against it. The odds of her putting an ad together on this topic are 100%.

Next, Barney Frank is one of the most divisive, combative congressmen in recent history. The thought that Frank thinks Jim Graves will “restore sanity to American politics” is laughable. Frank couldn’t find sanity if his life depended on it.

The fact that Graves thinks Frank is a plus for him give us insight into Mr. Graves’ thinking. The fact that he’s hosting the event in Minneapolis indicates he’s targeting the richest liberal fatcats in the state. The people who are likely to attend will have the ability to write checks with lots of zeros in them.

There’s nothing wrong with that. God bless free speech.

It’s just that it’s an indicator that Graves can’t get contributions from the richest liberal fatcats on Tuesday night, then tell Sixth District voters that he’s a centrist who’s bringing people together Wednesday morning.

That dog won’t hunt in the Sixth District.

Seriously, Michele must’ve thought Christmas came early when she heard about Barney Frank hosting a Jim Graves fundraiser.

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3 Responses to “Barney Frank is coming to town (Did Christmas come early for Michele?)”

  • eric z says:

    Bachmann has a district like no other district.

    No other district would have ever let her into Congress in the first instance. Not even Col. Kline’s. Kline was there first, and has better control of his mouth and what comes out of it. She’d never get past that.

    She lives in McCollum’s district, and should run there.

  • walter hanson says:


    If Ellison or Mcclaughin can represent any district in the state of the Minnesota why don’t they go and try to run in the sixth district?

    Bachmann is elected to Congress not let in.

    The simple fact is Ellison and Mcclaughin have districts created for them so they can be elected. A logical map for the state of Minnesota is to combine Minneapolis and Saint Paul into one district and let the suburbs be represented by the second, the third, the sixth, and the new suburan district for the fourth or fifth.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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