In an unbelievable show of defeatism, the NY Times called Friday’s vote a must win “for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and for the party as a whole.”

After reading that, I can’t fathom how voting to unilaterally declare defeat is winning. It can’t seriously be considered a win militarily. This vote won’t be considered a win for the Democrats, either. They just handed Republicans a billy club the likes of which they haven’t had since Jean Francois Kerry was babbling something about a “global test” in October of 2004. Among the Democrats who just became one term wonders because of this vote are: Nick Lampson, Tim Mahoney, Heath Shuler and Tim Walz. They might as well start polishing up their resumes because they’re history after November, 2008.

They held caucuses, private meetings, conversations on the House floor, and pieced together a majority, a vote at a time, while fighting the longstanding divisions that critics loved to highlight as “Democrats in disarray.”

The truth is that the Democrats are essentially two different camps. People like Jim Marshall and John Barrow of Georgia are relatively conservative Democrats who will vote more often with Republicans than Democrats on national security issues. the other group is comprised of moonbats like Maxine Waters, John Conyers, Keith Ellison and Chaka Fattah. Those groups mix together like oil and water. Disarray is relatively mild.

They’re still accurately called a party in disarray but now they’ve added a couple of other characterizations to the list: defeatists and anti-military.

Critics quickly noted that the majority on this vote could be a fleeting thing. “You’ve got to ask yourself, why go through this long, drawn-out exercise of going and wheeling and cajoling and trying to buy votes within your own party when, in fact, you know it’s not going to go anywhere,” said Tony Snow, the White House spokesman.

Mr. Snow noted, in essence, that Democrats would have to quickly go back to the legislative drawing board, given the President’s resistance to their plan, and given the fact that, “the need for funding the troops is urgent, the clock is running.”

In the final analysis, the House legislation imperiled a number of freshmen from swing districts for nothing. This legislation won’t be taken seriously by the Senate. The deadlines certainly won’t make it out of the conference committee. Finally, Pelosi, Murtha and the other moonbats will cave or be the majority party for a single term.

That isn’t smart politics. The NY Times knows that. They still chose to characterize this as a win for Pelosi. How arrogant is that?

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