It isn’t surprising that DFL political pundits like Buck Humphrey and Mike Hatch played into the ‘Mitt Romney’s out of touch’ meme started by Mary Lahammer. They don’t want to talk about President Obama’s disastrous economic policies. They definitely don’t want to talk about President Obama’s decision to leave U.S. embassies vulnerable on 9/11.

Mitt Romney made a foolish statement at that fundraiser. If the media wants to focus on Mitt’s statement, then it’s only fair that they admit, in writing, that they aren’t interested in President Obama’s decisions that got people killed or President Obama’s policies that have an unstable region of the world on the edge of regionwide conflict.

The media have allowed the Democrats to not say a thing about their performance in office, which should be the determining factor in this election.

This is proof that the broadcast and fossilized media don’t care about informing the people about important things that are happening. This part of the media is focused on getting President Obama re-elected and nothing else.

If they have to ignore this administration’s reckless decisions, that’s what they’ll do without hesitation. If it’s required to hide the truth about economic conditions, they’ll willingly sweep that information under the proverbial rug.

Still, despite the Democrats’ best efforts to hide this administration’s policies and decisions, this race is tight. Despite President Obama’s carpetbombing advertising campaign that attempted to paint Mitt Romney as the Devil’s right hand man, this race is still even.

The first thing from Humphrey’s mouth was a comment about Mitt Romney’s tax return. Specifically, he talked about Mitt’s tax returns being proof that Mitt’s out of touch with average people.

It’s incredible that a person can say that about a man who contributed 30% of his income to various charities. Those aren’t the actions of a man who doesn’t care about people. Those are the actions of a person who cares deeply about people going through difficult times.

If anything it’s proof that Mitt’s an exceptionally compassionate man, someone who doesn’t hesitate in putting his money where other people’s needs are. If that’s proof of anything, it’s proof that he does with his money what the Democrats do with everyone else’s money but their own.

The only thing more disgusting than having Humphrey make that statement is the fact that Craig Westover didn’t call him on it. Instead, he focused his statement on the fact that Mitt isn’t a movement conservative.

There’s no question that Mitt isn’t a movement conservative. Big deal.

If Mr. Westover thinks it isn’t important to highlight the media’s malpractice, then it’s time for him to not be a media personality for the GOP anymore.

But I digress.

Almanac’s roundtable didn’t discuss the fact that President Obama’s policies shoved people out of the middle class into the classification of the working poor.

Apparently, that wasn’t important.

They didn’t discuss President Obama’s reckless decision to leave an embassy without the security they needed on the anniversary of 9/11.

Apparently, they didn’t think that that was important either.

Intellectually honest people will quickly agree that it’s far more important to make smart national security decisions than making articulate statements about 47%. It’s time for a new project. It’s time to jettison ill-intentioned DFL pundits like Mike Hatch and Buck Humphrey. It’s time to jettison fossilized media personalities like Mary Lahammer, too.

If they won’t look at issues from both political persuasions’ perspective, they’re useless. At this point, it’s clear they don’t care about informing the people about the important things happening in our neighborhoods or half the way around the world.

It’s time conservatives and independents created an antidote for the irresponsible fossilized media. Blogs and talk radio are great but they don’t have the reach that the fossilized media has.

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