According to the Secretary of State’s website, it’s clear that Rick Nolan will defeat Jeff Anderson and Tarryl Clark. He’ll meet Chip Cravaack in the general election this November.

With 423 of the 812 precincts in the 8th District reporting, Rick Nolan had 13,850 votes, followed by Tarryl Clark with 10,843 votes, with Jeff Anderson getting 10,323 votes.

In other primary news, it appears as though Dave Osmek will defeat Connie Doepke in the SD-33 GOP primary. Osmek leads Doepke by 107 votes with all 39 precincts counted. This will trigger an automatic recount.

Cindy Pugh defeated 11-term incumbent Steve Smith by 1,302 votes. Pugh got 70.3% of the vote, trouncing Smith. This wasn’t a surprising outcome. I wrote here that Smith got trounced by a similar margin at the endorsing convention.

Karin Housley won the SD-39 GOP primary, defeating Eric Langness by a 1,941 to 945 margin.

Finally, Al Quist defeated Mike Parry in the First District GOP primary. With 601 of 695 precincts reporting, Quist led Parry by a 11,213 to 9,697 margin.

In all probability, this marks the end of Tarryl Clark’s political career. She lost to Michele Bachmann in 2010 by a 53%-40% margin in a race that wasn’t that close.

Now she’s lost as a carbetbagger living in Duluth. She moved there because she would’ve gotten beaten like a drum had she filed for a rematch against Michele.

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10 Responses to “Nolan wins 8th District primary”

  • eric z says:

    I can see how you would be happy with that result. Clark would have been stronger in the general election, but the local DFL apparatus was happy to remain suicidally inbred. It is a victory for your side, and I bet there was one hell of a crossover voting party going on. The quite low CC vote total reflects crossover monkeyshine. Or have you some better explanation?

    Happy with Quist? Do you see him as a world beater?

    At home, Bachmann was herself. Have you seen her signs with the orange bannering? “NRA endorsed.” She is who she’s been, and who she will be, and CD 6 voters are as they are.

    Do you read anything into the Bills “victory,” by a quite low margin for an endorsed statewide GOP candidate? 51.31% in his own party. Amy trounced all the others combined.

    Stick a fork in Bills, see if there’s any life there?

  • Gary Gross says:

    Nolan will get hammered this November because he’s a terrible fit for the district. He’s thrown in with the militant environmentalists way too often. During their closing arguments, he & Tarryl tried to ‘I’m more pro-choice than you are’ each other in a strongly pro-life district. His phony ‘I support the Second Amendment’ schtick won’t play well, either.

    Wheather Chip faced Tarryl or Nolan, the reality always was that they’d get beaten like a drum.

  • MplsSteve says:

    Eric, I was one of those people who voted for David Carlson over Kurt Bills. I did it as a protest vote against the Paultards who have stuck us with Bills.

    Bills’ campaign has been DOA since he won the endorsement. I have been telling people (and will continue to tell them) to bypass his campaign and get involved with our campaigns that stand a chance of winning.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Steve, Don’t hold the Paulbots against Bills. I’ve watched him quite a bit and he’s a good candidate & good guy. He might not win but he’s a good guy worthy of our support.

  • eric z says:

    MplsSteve – That thought direction may well play out soon in the presidential race too. If Private Ryan cannot save the effort, look for a bailout to the local races, and thinking about how down-ticket reacts to a lackluster top end. And touting those silly amendments could prove a double edge sword – as you folks know.

    Ron Paul remains me of a buffet. Some stuff you like and would have seconds, even thirds, some stuff, no way. It is just that from different perspectives, that which is choice and overripe is – different. In Ramsey and Anoka County where I live, there were promising primary results, and a suggestion that some who advanced have their work cut out for them. It is less partisan locally, but not entirely so, not at all as some suggest by candidates not declaring party allegiance but where you do not only vote one partisan side of a ballot among hopefuls. There are locals with ambitions, who champ at the bit to make the partisan part of primary ballots.

  • eric z says:

    Gary, the term “militant environmentalists” offends. You may doubt it but there are folks in the state, even in that district, that do not want the Boundary Waters Wilderness irreversibly polluted by short-sighted mining profiteers who want to screw over the entire environment for an extra twelve cents a ton of mined and refined copper. It is how it is, man, no matter how you blow the smoke. Smoke cannot hide the greed.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, Please show more common sense than that. This morning’s Drudge headline says that a key part of Obama’s 2008 coalition (young people) now supports Mitt. Paul Ryan is liked, by a 52%-29% margin, amongst seniors.

    This administration’s failures are sinking them. There’s a reason why most polls show him with a favorability rating, especially on the economy, health care & debt, in the low 40s. That’s a repudiation of Obama’s policies and a stiff repudiation at that.

    Add to that Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney’s monstrous crowds, compared with President Obama’s and Vice President Biden’s mediocre crowds. Eric, it’s time you travelled back to Realityville. I don’t know where you are right now but it isn’t Realityville.

  • MplsSteve says:

    Gary, I’ll vote for Bills in November. I’m less the enamored with his support of Ron Paul though. I will give him this much. I’ve seen him in a number of parades this year. He is a hard worker and has a greater knowledge of economics in one finger than Amy Klobuchar has in her whole body.

    But so far, he’s gained no traction and lacks the money to be able to buy some traction. I just feel that the GOP would be better served by (a) making sure that Cravaack is sent back to Congress and (b) making sure that we maintain control of the Legislature. The idea of Gov Dayton AND a DFL legislature scares me – a lot.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Steve, I know he’s struggling right now but that’s changing beneath the radar. Check back in a month.

  • walter hanson says:


    One more misstatement by Obama or Biden and there will be a flood of people not supporting Obama anymore. The DFL will be suffering the flood of diseretion.

    Keep in mind the Republican base (and that includes independents) wants Obama out and saw the success the Republican legislature had the last two years they will loyal support the Republicans regardless of a possible bad candidate.

    The Democrats will do what you’re describing, but that is typlical liberal thinking. Saying your opponent will do what he or she is thinking.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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