This morning, Tom Hauser hosted a debate between Rick Nolan, Jeff Anderson and Tarryl Clark. His first question for Tarryl was whether things had changed in the Eighth District. Here’s Tarryl’s response:

TARRYL: Well, it’s a very diverse district, going all the way from just north of Forest Lake all the way to International Falls. And I think he sold them a bill of goods. He said he was running to change how Washington was being done and he was going to create jobs. The only jobs I’ve seen him create have been overseas, including some in China.

I’d love hearing Tarryl explain how Chip’s ‘Buy American Steel’ amendment created jobs overseas. I’d love hearing her explain how his work on getting PolyMet open is creating jobs overseas.

Tarryl’s troubles have started when she thought she could say anything and get away with it. The reality is that Tarryl’s helped strengthen China’s economy:

In addition to the environmental groups like the NRDC and the Sierra Club, unions like SEIU have also joined an umbrella organization (the BlueGreen Alliance) to lobby for federal funding for “green” projects. Collectively, these groups have been involved in hundreds of lawsuits with the federal government over stopping fossil energy projects. Key political appointees at the DOI are former employees of the NRDC and other environmental groups.

The BlueGreen Alliance’s lobbying stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline in its tracks. Tarryl’s ties to the BlueGreen Alliance are extensive and troubling.

Let’s see Tarryl explain how an organization she’s had extensive ties to killed union construction jobs. The truth is that she’s tied to the militant environmentalist movement, a movement that’s killing jobs.

Tarryl’s “I’ll fight for you” mantra is fiction. She won’t fight for the Eighth District. She’ll fight for the organizations that’ll support her campaigns. That hasn’t changed throughout the years.

Chip didn’t “sell them a bill of goods.” That’s Tarryl’s specialty. Chip told the miners that he’d fight to make PolyMet a reality. He’s kept that promise. It isn’t Chip’s fault that President Obama’s EPA and Gov. Dayton’s MPCA and Alida Messinger’s Conservation Minnesota keep attempting to shut down the mining industry.

After the KSTP debate, Tarryl stopped past WCCO to be interviewed by Esme Murphy. Here’s that video:

During the interview, Tarryl took a shot at DFL Chairman Ken Martin for not vetting the candidates before the endorsing convention. That’s sour grapes on Tarryl’s behalf. It’s up to the delegates and the candidates to vet the candidates.

Here’s reality: Tarryl isn’t a good fit for the district. While it’s true that they’d elected a Democrat since WWII prior to the 2010 midterms, it’s equally true that they’ve elected pro-life, pro-Second Amendment liberals. That isn’t who Tarryl is.

It’ll be interesting to see who wins Tuesday’s DFL primary. I don’t have a great read on that primary. If Tarryl wins, Ken Martin will praise her effusively. If Tarryl is defeated, however, she will have burned a ton of bridges within the DFL.

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8 Responses to “Tarryl’s tired schtick”

  • Bob J. says:

    Chip can handle any of those three clowns in the general.

  • Gary Gross says:

    You’re right.

  • Patrick says:

    I get physically ill looking at or listening to Tarryl Clark!

  • Gary Gross says:

    Patrick, Thanks for sharing. That proves you’re normal.

  • walter hanson says:


    Just curious if Tarry wins the primary do you think any reporter will ask her what has she done to open that mine instead of driving away an employer that wants to employ hundreds of people.

    To me that fits the bill perfectly of “Fighting for you” Or is she just lying?

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Gary Gross says:

    If Tarryl wins tomorrow’s primary, I’d bet that the reporters from the Duluth News Tribune would ask her what she’d do to make PolyMet a reality. It’s also possible that reporters from the Ely Echo would jump her on that because the Twin Metals mine near Ely is tied to PolyMet. That’s a gigantic issue on the Range.

    The thing that hurts Tarryl & Nolan is that they’re both greenies. It’ll be impossible for them to dodge those reporters’ question. The thing they haven’t proven they understand is that those reporters care about their families first, politics second. It’s personal with them.

  • MplsSteve says:


    Who wins tomorrow? Clark? Anderson? Nolan?

    What do you think the percentages will be?

  • Gary Gross says:

    Steve, I just don’t have a good read on this primary. I think it’ll be Nolan but that’s probably just wishful thinking on my behalf.

    Truthfully, I think Chip’s gotta be thrilled running against Nolan, Tarryl or Anderson. Anderson can’t raise money. Nolan & Tarryl are hopelessly left of where the Range is. The only thing saving Tarryl is her fundraising ability.

    She doesn’t understand the Eighth District. Neither does Nolan. They’re fighting to out pro-choice the other in a district that values pro-life politicians.

    If you’ll remember, Jim Oberstar was livid after not getting MCCL’s endorsement against Chip.

    Nolan & Tarryl have too many ties to militant environmentalists to do worth a damn on the Range in the general election.

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