This election is exceptionally straightforward. People can vote for this administration’s failed policies, their cronyism and negativity or they can vote for an agenda that restores America to prosperity, puts America on a path to repeated balanced budgets and that puts their faith in the American people, not in big government.

It didn’t take Team Obama long to put out their first negative ad against Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan:

Team Obama has its work cut out for themselves, as Ed points out in this post:

Despite the attacks on Ryan over his budget plan, he’s easily the most liked of the short-listers among likely voters 65 years of age and over, with a 52/29 favorability rating. His “very favorable” rating of 31% in the 65+ group is more than 10 points better than the other shortlisters in the Rasmussen survey (again, save Rice). Jindal did well, too, with a 44/28, as did Pawlenty with a 40/30 and Portman at 37/26, but Ryan’s draw among seniors outpaced all of them. Ryan has plenty of room to be defined in either direction with 35% of voters overall not having an opinion, but that’s only true of 20% of seniors, and Ryan already has a majority of them on his side.

Despite the Democrats’ scare tactics, Chairman Ryan has a positive rating with seniors, women and independents. President Obama will have his hands full attempting to villainize Paul Ryan.

Idiots like Paul Begala are joining in the whining:

The elite love Ryan because he speaks for more cowardly members of their class; his stridently anti–middle class policies are music to their ears.

Conservatives must belittle idiots like howling dogs like Mr. Begala. Calling the guy who’s “a member of his local archery association, the Janesville Bowmen” an elitist is stupid. It’s typical Begala. He’s never let facts get in the way opportunities for looking like an idiot.

When it comes to looking reasonable, Mr. Begala never misses an opportunity to miss great opportunities.

Whenever President Obama goes negative personal, he’ll look like the petty, vindictive juvenile he is. That’s because Paul Ryan has President Reagan’s trait of optimism. Petty vindictiveness doesn’t play well against positivity.

TEA Party activists and other conservatives aren’t just energized. They’re ready to write checks and pound signs for the Romney-Ryan ticket. During FNC’s coverage of Mitt’s introduction aboard the USS Wisconsin, Joe Trippi, Howard Dean’s former campaign strategist, said that there’s “no doubt that” tons of donations are flowing into the Romney-Ryan warchest via online donations.

I don’t doubt that a split-second. In fact, I predicted in this article that the Ryan-Romney ticket will raise $150,000,000 this month. That’d be $40,000,000-$50,000,000 more than he’s raised in either of the last 2 months.

Prior to Mitt picking Paul Ryan, conservatives were licking our chops at voting against President Obama and his failed policies. We’re still licking our proverbial chops to vote against President Obama’s failed policies. It’s just that we’re now also salivating at the opportunity to vote for the Ryan agenda.

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11 Responses to “Team Obama’s negativity vs. Team Romney’s positive vision”

  • Terry Stone says:

    It’s troubling to see class warfare so prominent in Obama’s election paradigm. Apparently his campaign feels that, “I’m not getting my fair share” is a little obvious so they use the flip side of the coin: “The Rich aren’t paying their fair share.”

  • With all of the whining about how Mitt paid 14% on his income (versus someone making say 40,000 a year pays which is roughly 18-23%). Which is a bigger number….23% of $40,000 or 14% of $2million….not what is the bigger percentage of income – what is the biggest total of tax paid? The rich ARE paying their fair share and then some – given that 53% of all Americans pay NO INCOME TAX at all and the vast majority of those get REFUNDS every year…..


  • Jethro says:

    Well then, 53% of those not paying any taxes is not fair, either.

  • eric z says:

    Sowing generational discontents and divisiveness, generation war, to hide the class war the wealthy have imposed by crassly seizing more than their fair share is not everybody’s cup of tea. Screw the old may resonate with some, but hopefully not with the voting old.

    “… they can vote for an agenda that restores America to prosperity, puts America on a path to repeated balanced budgets and that puts their faith in the American people, not in big government.”

    Gary, I believe that Romney wants to enlarge the nation’s reach militarily, hence keeping the California and beltway defense contractors in their current welfare queen status, or enlarging that. It is the biggest boondoggle there is, and you turn a blind eye to it, and to sandbox wars that demonize Muslims?

    Pumping larger amounts of taxpayer cash into retired or soon to be retired military brass, and into mercs such as Xe, formerly Blackwater, is not going to “restore America to prosperity” nor is it anyone’s true antithesis of “big government.” It IS big government.

    Really. Lady Logician, try logic sometime. Upping the margin on Romney millions, and closing his loopholes will get more than 14% of a big ton of money that needs to be spread around because I don’t want to pay for your Predator drones. Let Daddy Warbucks pay his share.

  • eric z says:

    I remember the days …

    Still a wimp? Still “yellow”?

    It has been said “Consistency is the hobgoblin of petty minds … ” so I apologize in advance of a response.

  • Gary Gross says:

    hide the class war the wealthy have imposed by crassly seizing more than their fair share

    Who made you the determiner of what’s fair or unfair? That sounds plenty autocratic. It’s just short of dictatorial-sounding.

    Folks, that’s what progressive control freakism looks like. They determine what’s enough or too much. They determine means We The People don’t determine things on an individual basis.

    Eric, what’s the basis for your hatred & bitterness of wealth? Without wealth creation, there wouldn’t be any innovation. Without wealth creation, job creation disappears & economic growth shrinks. This is desirable why?

  • walter hanson says:


    Let me get your argument straight. If I’m reading you correctly you think the tax code is:

    * Washington received tax income from all Americans. They then write checks to only people who are wealthy.

    I did get the argument straight?

    The reason being that isn’t how it works Eric. The poor are written checks in the form of the Earned Income Tax Credit, tax credits which the rich aren’t allowed to take, government aid payments, etc. The rich aren’t handed checks. Those so called tax cuts which we want to give the rich are just keeping their tax rate the same so they don’t have a tax increase. That’s not taking money from the poor and middle class Eric!

    Just curious if Rich Person has to write a check so that you won’t criticize the rich person for not paying enough in taxes what rate should they pay?

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • eric Z says:

    Walter, you must be one of those 14% wonders. How do you do it?

  • eric Z says:

    Gary, you are crying crocodile tears. Government’s function is to tax and spend. Otherwise public goods are not provided. The question is who you tax, and how much.

    A graduated tax is fine. The more you earn, the more you pay, but on the first fifty grand, everyone pays the same rate, etc. Those benefiting more from being in our social contract should pay for that benefit. At the top margins, after a million or two, what’s wrong with a fifty percent rate? Gary, if you earn two million and have a shot at another million, you’d walk from it because you’d only be able to keep half of it? You’d walk from half a million? Hardly.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, This might be news but government’s function is to do only those things that the Constitution requires. If government didn’t have a transportation department, businesses would create road & railroads on their own. It isn’t impossible for industry to build those things.

    As for taxes, it isn’t just about marginal tax rates. It’s also factoring in the entire tax code. Compliance costs for businessses are astronomical. That’s why the tax code needs to be overhauled. (FYI- That’s part of the Ryan Budget.) Simplifying the code, then collapsing the rates eliminates the glut caused by lobbyists negotiating special deals in return for special favors, would root out corruption while making it easy for companies to comply with the tax code.

    FYI- Regulations hurt businesses on a variety of fronts far more than taxes do.

    Finally, why do you hate the people that create prosperity?

  • walter hanson says:


    I’m not one of those 14% percent wonders, but I wish I was.

    Just in case you don’t know Romney’s secret you earn lots of money which is taxed by the federal government at over 30%, throw in state government, if you don’t spend it you can save it.

    Then the government decides because you’re thrifty and make money on capital gains that you get to pay more taxes after you have already paid taxes on the money you saved.

    Mitt’s so called 14% tax rate is actually around 50% with the multiple cracks the government took.

    And Eric you ducked my question (so what else is knew since you don’t know how to try to debate), but what percent of income should somebody pay to the governmnet before it’s enough. Apparently that number has to be more than 14%.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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