This ad proves that Tarryl Clark is definitely taking off the gloves in going after Rick Nolan:

This means that the gloves aren’t just officially off. It’s proof that Tarryl Clark and Rick Nolan threw the gloves into the corner of the ring before putting on brass knuckles. This article tells ‘the other side’ of the story:

Nolan says former Gov. Rudy Perpich appointed him to establish the center, which he says he did on a volunteer basis for four years before accepting a paid position in 1986. Clark claims that as head of the center Nolan fought for a $200,000 bonus and one of the highest taxpayer salaries. Nolan says the ad is “dishonest.”

“It’s disappointing you now to have someone who moves into the district, comes in with outside money and start denigrating the accomplishments of our governor, Rudy Perpich, and all those who served him, myself included,” Nolan said in an interview. “We’re very proud of what we were able to accomplish at the World Trade Center and make no apologies for it.”

If that’s Rick Nolan’s best response, he’s sunk. Tarryl won’t hesitate in going for the jugular, then ripping it out. If he thinks the DFL machine in the Eighth will save him, I hope he’s prepared for retirement.

If Tarryl’s known for anything, it’s that she’s relentless. I don’t know if Nolan is prepared for that.

We’ll find that out Tuesday.

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One Response to “DFL primary gets nasty”

  • eric z says:

    Your MPR link gives “fight” info, but what in the world is the Minneapolis World Trade Center? Nolan sucking on the taconite teat? Something for Cargill? What is the basis and genesis? All I found on Wikipedia for a history is a skeleton:

    Do you have handy a background link or two on what the thing is; and then, Nolan’s history with it.

    Bashing Clark, Gary I know some things are close to your heart, but facts man, what are the facts?

    “Tarryl won’t hesitate in going for the jugular, then ripping it out.” Gary, did you come up with that while looking in a mirror. All passion. No facts.

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