People can’t forget Harry Reid bragging to the press that “the war is lost.” It was a despicable, anti-American thing to say. He said it repeatedly. He said it without hesitation or regret. Frankly, America is worse off having Harry Reid still in office.

They’re worse off because he’s a despicable, discusting human being who won’t hesitate in doing a hatchet job without the slightest bit of proof.

His latest disgusting act was accusing Mitt Romney of not paying his taxes for an entire decade. He said that he’d heard that from an anonymous Democrat who invested with Bain:

Reid suggested that Romney’s decision to withhold tax information would bar him from ever earning Senate confirmation to a Cabinet post. Then, Reid recalled a phone call his office received about a month ago from “a person who had invested with Bain Capital,” according to The Huffington Post.

Reid said the person told him: “Harry, he didn’t pay any taxes for 10 years.”

“He didn’t pay taxes for 10 years! Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain,” Reid told HuffPo. “But obviously he can’t release those tax returns. How would it look?”

First, it’s doubtful that this confidential informant exists. If the dirtbag exists, however, then he’s a gutless wimp for not coming forward and making the accusations in public.

Whether the disgusting dirtbag exists or not, Sen. Reid shouldn’t make those unsubstantiated allegations public because it’s impossible, short of hacking into the IRS website, to verify the voracity of these allegations.

What’s disgusting is that President Obama’s campaign hasn’t criticized Sen. Reid for making these unsubstantiated (and unsubstantiatable) allegations. Their silence implies that they approve of Sen. Reid’s accusations. Their silence in this situation should earn them nothing but unlimited derision and criticism.

I don’t want Sen. Reid to apologize. I want Republican senators to make his life a living hell before running him out of the Senate. I want Republicans to torment him, call him out for what he is: a dirtbag who won’t hesitate to make unsubstantiated allegations.

The other thing that I’d recommend them to do is use Sen. Reid’s disgusting outburst to raise money to defeat as many Democrats as possible this fall. The best punishment for Sen. Reid short of running him out of the Senate is to turn him into the Minority Leader.

It’s time for Republicans to take the gloves off. If they continue acting like gentlemen and ladies, Sen. Reid, Sen. Durbin, Sen. Schumer and other notorious hatchetmen won’t have an incentive to stop being hatchetmen.

Let’s hope the GOP grows a spine ASAP. Let’s hope they carry out a ruthless vendetta against this dirtbag from Nevada.

Finally, here’s my (rhetorical) question to Harry Reid: Sir, have you no shame?

Unfortunately, we know the answer to that question is no, he doesn’t have any remorse or shame.

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10 Responses to “Sen. Reid hates America”

  • “it’s impossible, short of hacking into the IRS website, to verify the voracity of these allegations.”

    No it isn’t. Governor Romney could have some integrity and release his tax returns, just like the presidential candidates before him have. What is he hiding?

  • Gary Gross says:

    Mitt’s hiding nothing & you know it. People get it that DFL parasites like Mr. Rosenberg are trying to create something out of nothing. They know that because they aren’t defending President Obama’s economic record, which is a disaster. They know that because they haven’t said boo about how President Obama’s EPA has waged war on the coal industry. The people know because partisans like Mr. Rosenberg haven’t tried defending the fact that the EPA’s rules have shut down some coal-fired power plants & led to announcements that others will be shutting down soon.

    Mr. Rosenberg & his partners will do anything to not talk about how the ACA includes major tax increases, increases that will cost Medtronic a projected $175,000,000 per year while not doing a thing to lower health care costs.

    Mr. Rosenberg, why aren’t you defending things that hurt Minnesotans? Why are you wasting time trying to create a story from something that isn’t a story? Is your time that worthless? Or is it that President Obama can’t win without tons of BS distractions that you’re attempting to create? (Don’t bother answering that last question. We know the answer.)

  • This comment was deleted because it violated a longstanding policy of making unsubstantiated allegations.

  • Ladylogician says:

    Jeff what is Harry Reid hiding? Bring the so-called “Bain investor” forward…if he exists. Until he comes coward, you AND the Senator are engaging in slander….


  • Ladylogician says:

    Hey Jeff! How about a little transparency from YOUR GUY? Where are his college transcripts? Why wont he release them? WHAT’S HE HIDING? See two can play this BS game. Meanwhile the country suffers with 5%the inflation and 18%the REAL unemployment. So while your side focuses on the petty BS, we’re going to focus on the issues that matter to the voters and we’ll see what happens in November…..


  • walter hanson says:


    The Obama campaign is not attacking Reid because it was probably an Obama campaign worker who picked up the phone and called Reid in the first place.

    That’s why the source wants to remain anoymous.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • walter hanson says:


    Lets not forget full disclousure of every Obama donor. In 2008 Obama’s campaign had a lot of expenses for currency exchange fees. That expense wouldn’t exist if every single donation was from a US citizen giving US dollars which is the law.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Great points Walter…and only FAIR (and God knows the left loves “fair”) since the Obama Administration is so intent on disclosing all of Romney’s donors.


  • Amazing how Jeffie comes in spewinig his unfounded allegations and when he gets cold hard facts thrown back his way, he runs away with his tail tucked between his legs?


  • Gary Gross says:

    LL, there isn’t much mystery to that. It’s what DFL bloggers do best.

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