10. Alternative teacher licensure.
9. Keeping no new taxes promise to constituents.
8. Downsizing government, Part I Keith Downey’s 15 X 15 legislation.
7. Downsizing government, Part II King Banaian’s Sunset Advisory Commission.
6. Balancing budget without increasing taxes.
5. Creating surplus without raising taxes.
4. Passing real health care reform.
3. Passing budget reform.
2. Passing permitting reforms.
1. Creating jobs with the right policies and right priorities.

3 Responses to “Top-10 success stories of GOP legislature”

  • Terry Stone says:

    • Providing stable policy intent that promotes employment

    • Offering a public vote on election integrity at the heart of our political process

    • Bringing a halt to the trend in state government growth that exceeds inflation plus population growth by 600% since 1960

    • Restoring the paradigm that individual responsibility, individual decisions, individual integrity and individual achievement are the foundation of Minnesota execptionalism.

  • IndyJones says:

    And there will be more accountability with people like King Banian being elected. We need many more like him.

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