Matt Entenza must’ve felt out of his comfort zone when he debated Laura Brod on the issue of this year’s legislative races. Here’s part of what he said on the subject:

The DFL’s got a great story to tell. We saw alot of legislative gridlock after the GOP took control. There was a terrible government shutdown that people had a sense didn’t go anywhere. Gov. Dayton trying to compromise, trying to reach out.

That’s proof that Mr. Entenza doesn’t listen to the people. In the 2010 elections, people voted overwhelmingly for the people who promised not to raise taxes.

When Gov. Dayton went on his state tour to pressure the GOP, he met face to face with Minnesotans worried about the DFL raising their taxes. The response was so bad that he canceled half of his tour.

What’s particularly noticeable in Entenza’s response is that he didn’t say anything positive about the DFL. He started with “the DFL has a great story to tell” before launching into a laundry list of negatives, most of which are negatives against the DFL.

Gov. Dayton shut the government down when it wasn’t necessary. The documents prove Gov. Dayton twice agreed to a deal that would’ve averted a shutdown before going back on his word. Documents show Gov. Dayton rejected the opportunity to sign a lights-on bill that would’ve kept government operating while negotiations continued.

Instead of listening to Minnesotans, Gov. Dayton, Sen. Bakk and Rep. Thissen threw a hissy fit.

Meanwhile, the GOP has a great record to run on. They passed half a dozen major reforms, including permitting reform, alternative teacher licensure. The Sunset Advisory Commission from HF2 was included in the State Government Finance omnibus bill which Gov. Dayton signed.

The Sunset Advisory Commission is putting commissions, panels and councils on notice that their time is limited, their focus narrow.

Most importantly, the GOP’s budget took Minnesota from a projected $6.2 billion deficit and turned it into a $1.3 billion surplus in less than a year.

The GOP’s insistence on spending sanity and reforming the permitting system led to a surplus and a growth in job creation.

The GOP reformed government, held the line on taxes, balanced the budget, created jobs while keeping their promises.

Mr. Entenza, that’s what a positive story to tell sounds like. That’s what a list of real accomplishments looks like.

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  • eric z says:

    Gary, sometime when you have the time, explain exactly how pushing the marriage amendment will create jobs and correct the economy. There is the phrase, “Fiddling while Rome burns.” Criticize the Dems all you wish, but it’s your special idiot bunch that’s fiddling.

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