There are few things I like reading more than left-leaning superPACs and the SEIU spending money on races they don’t have a chance of winning:

A Democratic super PAC and a major union have reserved almost $900,000 worth of Twin Cities TV ad time as they target Republican Reps. Chip Cravaack and John Kline of Minnesota and Rep. Reid Ribble of Wisconsin.

The House Majority political action committee and Service Employees International Union announced the reservation Monday as part of a $20 million push to help Democrats win the House.

House Majority reserved $594,000 and SEIU reserved $295,000 in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market.

Cravaack is a top target after unseating a long-serving Democrat two years ago in northeastern Minnesota. Ribble is another freshman who could face a stiff challenge in a Wisconsin district partially reached by Minneapolis airwaves.

Kline, a five-term incumbent, faces a less conservative electorate in a newly drawn district in the southern Twin Cities.

I’m thrilled that the SEIU and this superPAC have committed to spending this money in their futile attempt to defeat Chip Cravaack and John Kline. I’d rather see the SEIU and this superPAC spend their money on those races than on races they might have a shot at winning.

There’s no question that a) Chip’s had a bullseye painted on him since the night Jim Oberstar refused to admit he’d been defeated by Chip and b) John Kline’s district isn’t as red as it was prior to redistricting.

In Rep. Kline’s instance, that means he’ll win by only 10-12 points instead of the usual 15-18 points. Talk about money well spent. (Or you can talk about pissing a $200,000-$300,000 away in a futile attempt to defeat Rep. Kline.)

There’s no question that the DFL, the DCCC and the SEIU are salivating at the opportunity to defeat Chip after he defeated the porkmeister they loved. There’s also no chance that they’ll defeat Chip. During his 2 years in office, Chip’s worked hard to make life better for the Iron Range. The reports I’m getting from the Range tell me Chip’s efforts are paying off.

As for their decision to purchase ad time against Reid Ribble, my question is simple: Why would these idiots buy Twin Cities ad time against a congressman whose district is in northeastern Wisconsin? That makes as much sense as purchasing Twin Cities ad time against Christi Noem.

Spending money on Twin Cities ad buys against Ribble and Chip is stupid. The southern portion of Chip’s district is the most conservative part of the district. Their ad buy will win dozens of votes for Chip’s opponent. They would’ve been far better off had they bought ad time against Chip and Reid Ribble in Duluth.

God bless idiots like the SEIU and The House Majority PAC. They were bound to lose seats this time already. Spending money this foolishly guarantees that.

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