The increasingly desperate coalition of progressives trying to mount a campaign against the Photo ID ballot question have enlisted 2 politicians from Minnesota’s past for the fight:

Former Democratic Vice President Walter Mondale and former Republican Gov. Arne Carlson became the public faces Tuesday of a fight against a proposed Minnesota constitutional amendment requiring voters to present photo IDs at the polls.

The legislature voted to improve Minnesota’s election system, something that delegates to the DFL State Convention agreed was needed.

At the DFL State Convention, delegates debated whether to allow absentee ballots for their presidential straw poll, starting in 2016.Here’s what Rick Varko, a delegate to the DFL convention from SD-64, said about using absentee ballots:

I don’t believe that the Central Committee can come up with any mechanism that will genuinely prevent somebody from printing out a stack of absentee ballots, submitting them and getting them improper votes for a candidate.

Rick Varko’s statement implies that it’s possible to stuff ballot boxes. What Varko’s statement implies, Chuck Repke’s statement says explicitly:

You’re setting yourself up for absolute insanity at the caucus level. The potential exists for someone from the Citizens United type to pack our caucuses with bought and paid for ballots. Absolutely guarantee the destruction of the precinct caucus process. There is no way to protect against that, folks, because we allow anyone to attend the caucus. We would therefore also have to let any absentee ballot to attend our precinct caucuses, regardless of which Koch Brother paid for it.

The trio of high profile politicians that Our Vote Our Future picked as their co-chairs have high name recognition. Unfortunately, their information can’t be verified. In fact, it’s easily discredited.

The biggest disappointment about this organization is that it’s dishonest. This is a great example of their misinformation:

End Same-Day Voter Registration As We Know It.
Requiring a Photo ID to vote would end same-day registration as we know it, affecting the half-a-million voters who use it in general elections.

That’s exceptionally misleading. While it’s true that approximately 500,000 people use EDR on general elections, photo ID simply requires an adjustment on these voters’ behalf. It isn’t impossible for same day registrants to vote. People that use EDR have the option of presenting a state-issued Photo ID. Those people can cast a ballot immediately. People who use EDR that don’t have a state-issued Photo ID can cast a provisional ballot. People casting a provisional ballot then have to return with their state-issued Photo ID, at which time their provisional ballot is counted. Here’s why that’s a worthwhile, important provision:

According to MN Secretary of State information, after the 2008 presidential election, about 26,000 postal verification cards sent to same day voter registrants were returned as undeliverable…no such person or no such address. Meantime, their votes were cast and counted! In total, during the 2008 calendar year, about 38,000 were returned as undeliverable.

According to Our Day, Our Vote’s website, approximately 500,000 people use EDR (Election Day Registration) each general election. That means between 1 in 15 and 1 in 20 EDRs are filled out by people that we can’t prove exist. What thoughtful person thinks that these people aren’t committing voter fraud?

Here’s another misleading tidbit of information:

Doesn’t Solve a Problem.
Voter impersonation is the only type of voting fraud Photo ID would prevent. And there have been exactly zero cases of voter impersonation convictions here in Minnesota. ZERO.

It’s impossible to find what Mr. Ritchie and Mr. Mansky refuse to look for. IMPOSSIBLE.

Also, that statement is totally misleading. The PVCs that were returned weren’t filled out by people making honest mistakes. They were filled out by people intent on committing voter fraud.

Photo ID would’ve prevented voter fraud because the people that didn’t present a state-issued Photo ID would’ve cast a provisional ballot that’s only counted after the person’s identity has been verified.

Also, voter impersonation isn’t the only type of existing voter fraud that Photo ID will stop. It’ll prevent this type of voter fraud:

RICK SMITHSON: On this particular night, between 10 and 13 people showed up for same day registration. They had all claimed that the local laundromat address as their residence. When we challenged it, we called the State Auditors Office and we were told that there was nothing we could do about it. We were told that we couldn’t interfere with their right to vote but we could make note of it.

Three things are inescapable:

  1. Voter fraud exists.
  2. Not requiring a provisional ballot for EDRs makes counting corrupt ballots inevitable.
  3. Only Photo ID will eliminate this form of election fraud.

Vice President Mondale, Gov. Carlson and Rep. Penny can talk till they’re blue in the face about how Minnesota’s election system is airtight. Their statements can’t refute the facts I’ve just presented. This lie is so disgraceful that it utterly discredits these so-called elder statesmen:

The Photo ID amendment seeks to take away the voting rights of law-abiding citizens, preventing the elderly, our troops stationed abroad, students, people of color, veterans and countless others from voting.

There isn’t an ounce of truth in any of those statements. That’s typical of the Left, though. It’s their habit to accuse their opponents of being evil when their opponents defeat them in a fair debate.

Whether it’s calling people racists or whether it’s alleging that conservatives want to take people’s right to vote away, it’s inevitable that progressives will attempt to villify people they disagree with. Don’t pay attention to the 3 high profile politicians. Pay attention to the discredited agenda they’re pushing.

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6 Responses to “Exposing Our Vote, Our Future’s misinformation campaign”

  • Patrick says:

    Conservatives need to use liberal language to make their case: The lack of verified photo ID disenfranchises me as I have no way of knowing for certain that my vote is not canceled out by a non-qualified voter.

  • Cailin Rogers says:

    Unfortunately for the authors of this article, this information is patently false. In all studies researching voter fraud almost ZERO amount have ever been found (even those undertaken under the watch of George W. Bush). Any amount of this so-called “rampant” or “serious” voter fraud has had negligible effects on election results.

    I would also like to point out that the authors of this article cannot even spell the names of the people they are quoting correctly. Rick Varco, folks. Not Varko.

    I’ll refer you to the MN United campaign for all of the myriad reasons why voting yes is a terrible decision on November 6th.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Ms. Rogers, what method did these studies use in determining voter fraud doesn’t exist? Ms. Rogers, why would Jimmy Carter & James A. Baker III recommend the implementation of photo ID to increase election integrity?

    In a nation where identity theft is all too real, why should we think that people aren’t willing to steal elections to maintain power?

    I don’t doubt that Ms. Rogers believes passionately in what she’s saying. I’m just certain that voting yes for Photo ID is the right thing to do.

  • Elliott says:

    “The PVCs that were returned weren’t filled out by people making honest mistakes. They were filled out by people intent on committing voter fraud.”

    I don’t see how you come to that conclusion. Couldn’t they just be homeless? What is someone without an address supposed to do when a form asks for their address?

    Of course there’s risk of fraud when voters are untraceable, but it’s unfair to assume that these people had malicious intent.

  • Gary Gross says:

    It’s possible that some of the voter registrations were filled in by homeless people but it’s certain that thousands of them were filled out by homeless people.

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