Minnesota’s Democrat House members ran for cover when Strib reporters asked for their reaction to the latest Defeatocrat legislation. Tim Walz’ office led the way with this response:

Walz didn’t want to comment, said spokesman Gordie Loewen, because “there aren’t any full details and the congressman doesn’t want to base the safety and security of our troops on speculation. That’s what got us into this war in the first place.”

That’s a dodge pure & simple. They know the details because the House Democrats met to discuss the legislation before announcing it. Walz knows that he’s history after this term unless he keeps his mouth shut until after the 2008 elections. He knows that if he enthusiastically endorses this bill passing, bloggers like me, Leo, Michael Broadkorb, AAA, King Banaian, Ed Morrissey and Mitch Berg will hang his words around his neck from now until Election Day, 2008.

Lest you think that Walz is the only Democrat running for cover, it’s only fair to point out Keith Ellison’s ‘position’:

Ellison likewise said he wanted to see specific language before committing, although he endorsed the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ call for a withdrawal by Dec. 31.

Ellison’s position is best describe as “Why accept victory now? Why support the troops’ mission now?” Friends, if you were expecting Democrats to display courage, you set the bar of expectations far too high. Then again, if you expected RINOs like Jim Ramstad to show some leadership tendencies, you set the bar of expectations far too high, too.

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