When Rep. Steve Smith lost his endorsement fight against challenger Cindy Pugh, he didn’t narrowly get defeated. He lost on the first ballot. Cindy Pugh got 70% of the ballots cast:

Cindy Pugh, co-founder of the Southwest Metro Tea Party, easily won the endorsement contest in House District 33B on the first ballot with nearly 70 percent of the vote. Minnetonka School Board member Pam Langseth finished second, while 11-term incumbent Smith was a distant third.

Getting humiliated apparently isn’t enough for Rep. Smith. He filed yesterday for the opportunity to get humiliated again:

Republican Rep. Steve Smith, a 22-year House veteran from Mound who lost his party’s endorsement to a tea party candidate last month, announced today he will challenge endorsed candidate Cindy Pugh in the Aug. 14 GOP primary.

Smith said tea party activists “stacked the convention” May 23 and backed Pugh, a Chanhassen businesswoman and co-founder of the Southwest Metro Tea Party.

Smith, an attorney who has chaired the House judiciary, public safety and other committees, said he has been the chief author of more bills that became law since 1990 than any other House member.

Smith won’t take ‘Get lost’ for an answer. Last month, it was the delegates that told him to get lost. This time, the voters of HD-33B will be the people telling Steve Smith to get lost.

This paragraph should be put on his political gravestone:

“I’m not ashamed of moderation, of talking to the governor before we pass a bill, of a little more civility or the hard work it takes to get a bill signed into law and not just passed by the House (Republican majority,” he said.

Rep. Smith lives in a deep red district. It’s his responsibility to represent the views of his constituents. It’s sad when a legislator puts a higher priority on bipartisanship than on representing his constituents.

Unfortunately, Rep. Smith insists on not representing his district. The potential good news is that Ms. Pugh will put him out of our misery.

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5 Responses to “Smith didn’t get the hint; now it’s time to give him the boot”

  • eric z. says:

    Sometimes the people who care enough to show up and vote in a primary election are a wholly different, or narrowly overlapping set of those who might call themselves party insiders. Citizens outnumber party insiders, and an election differs greatly from a political party’s exclusive confab. Smith is within his rights. And might win. Some people do not think moderation is a sin, be it with alcohol, or in politics.

  • MplsSteve says:

    As I see it, SD 33 and HD 33B are as good a place as any for anti-stadium activists to make our voices heard.

    We should go all out to kick both Steve Smith out of the House and keep Connie Doepke from moving up to the Senate.

    If we don’t do it, then no legislator is gonna feel like they have anything to worry about. They’ll think “Hey, screw my constituents. I’m gonna do what I want”.

    I’m sending checks to both Cindy Pugh and Dave Osmek. I’m doing it today! Will you join me? Will you stand up and say “Now’s the time when we make YOU answer for your voting record”?

    Folks, there’s no better time than now! At the risk of using a cheap cliche, it’s really time to draw a line in the sand.

  • IndyJones says:

    He has all the appeal of Richard Lugar. And hopefully the same outcome. The Tea Party is a long, long way from leaving the political arena and woe to the Rino who thinks so.

  • walter hanson says:

    You mean after what we did to punish the override six (I believe we got 4 of them not endorsed and eventually kicked out). I guess we have to start teaching lessons again. You think a 22 yeard lawmaker would’ve learned the lesson back then!

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • IndyJones says:

    Considering the previous party affiliation of Wisconsin since the days of Gaylord Nelson I think I would call that a small dead cat bounce.

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