President Obama best hope that Salena Zito’s article isn’t a trend. If it is, he’s in trouble that he can’t get out of:

Jo Ann Nardelli says she feels like she lost part of her family.

The longtime Democrat from Blair County quit the party and registered as a Republican, and then boldly walked in a Memorial Day parade in support of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

“A couple of people who I thought were friends turned their backs on me, literally, as I was walking in the parade,” she said on Tuesday. “I have to admit it made me sad, but that is the way it is.”

Nardelli, 59, a former borough council member in Newry, outside Altoona, registered as a Democrat after high school and rose to the party’s executive board. She was vice president of the women’s caucus and first vice president of the Pennsylvania Federation of Democratic Women when she quit last week.

“This was not an easy decision,” Nardelli said. “I prayed over it.”

This isn’t what President Obama needs in the Rust Belt. If he doesn’t carry Pennsylvania, he’s history. If he’s forced to fight tooth and nail for Pennsylvania, he’s in trouble.

This quote has to scare President Obama:

Rendell, a former Democratic National Committee chairman, last week expressed his displeasure with the campaign’s attack on Bain Capital, the Boston private equity firm that Romney once led. The campaign has portrayed Romney as a heartless profiteer who enriched himself with corporate buyouts that led to bankruptcies and layoffs.

“I think they’re very disappointing,” Rendell said of the ads in an MSNBC interview. Asked whether he is for or against the Obama campaign, Rendell answered, “Neither.”

When a Democrat president gets a lukewarm reception from Gov. Rendell, he’s in trouble.

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