People in Mitt Romney’s camp started asking voters if they were better off than they were 4 years ago. Isn’t it time to ask voters whether they’re better off than prior to President Obama’s stimulus:

A senior campaign aide said Romney will argue that Obama has actually subtracted jobs: “Were these investments the best return on tax dollars, or given for ideological reasons, to donors, for political reasons? He spent $800 billion of everybody’s money. How’d it work out?”

“It was the mother of all earmarks, not a jobs plan,” the aide said. “By wasting all of this money, you had the worst of all worlds: It destroyed confidence in the economy and makes people less likely to borrow money. Dodd-Frank has been a disaster for the economy. Where are the steady hands? Who’s in charge of energy? Where’s the strong, confident voice on the economy?”

Naturally, the Obama campaign tried spinning their dismal record:

An Obama for American spokesman said: “While the President brought the nation back from the brink of another Depression, bet on American workers to revive manufacturing and the auto industry, and put in place protections to prevent another financial crisis, we know what Mitt Romney would have done in the face of a severe economic crisis. He would have let Detroit go bankrupt…ceded the clean energy market…and…let the finances of middle class families be held hostage by continuing to allow Wall Street to write its own rules.“

What a pile of BS. There isn’t a “clean energy market.” If it exists, then it’s microscopic in size because President Obama’s best bundlers didn’t find it even with government assistance.

The only thing the UAW bailout, aka the stimulus, did was put American families on the hook for tens of billions of dollars of debt that the UAW will never repay. President Obama pushed that through as a payoff to his political cronies. He had the same motivation for the Solyndra loans.

The reality is that President Obama didn’t care about reviving the economy as much as he cared about paying off his political allies with our money. The economy is rudderless. It’s adrift in a sea of red ink and lost jobs.

This video is devastating in its depiction of President Obama’s crony capitalism:

These green energy loans didn’t create jobs. They created debt. They created a soft landing for some of President Obama’s biggest bundlers of 2008. It isn’t shocking. It’s just the Chicago Way.

We don’t need an administration that directs public money at their biggest contributors. We need an administration that lets people that earn the money spend their money.

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