Gov. Dayton is whining about a slush fund that he signed into law:

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Gov. Mark Dayton said he will meet next week with his economic development commissioner to discuss a new grant program that he is not very enthusiastic about.

Lawmakers passed a bonding bill earlier this month that created a $47.5 million fund for local economic development projects. Mankato, Rochester and St. Paul are among a growing list of cities lining up for grants after having their projects rejected from inclusion in the broader bonding bill.

Dayton told reporters today that he thinks the new fund is a “back-door” approach and saddles the commissioner with a process that is “not well-advised.”

“It just puts him in a very, very awkward situation of having to say no again to a lot of projects. There will probably be ten-times the number of dollars requested as there are available,” Dayton said.

Under the bonding bill, applicants can seek grants for a wide range of local projects, including those related to waste and drinking water, utilities, telecommunications and road and bridge work.

That’s what happens when you give RINO Larry Howes, Dave Senjem and a reckless-spending DFL governor the big sticks in spending money.

Senjem’s days as Senate GOP Leader better be numbered. He’s spent too much money to be called a conservative. I’m fine with him getting re-elected. I’m not fine with him having a leadership position. If a Republican votes for him in a leadership position, they’re instantly on my shit list.

As for the undefined pork, Gov. Dayton’s whining is a joke. He could’ve line-item vetoed that $47.5 million in pork out of the bill. It would’ve required a spine but it was definitely possible.

For him to now pretend that he’s been victimized is insulting. He wasn’t victimized. He just didn’t show a spine. That’s his shortcoming, nobody else’s.

Republicans had better say no to a bonding bill in 2013. They overspent the past 2 years. It’s time they started acting like fiscal conservatives. If they don’t, they’ll get swept from office 2 years from now.

As for Gov. Dayton, he’s history. He’s spent like recklessly. He’s clueless about economics. He’s yet to make an economic justification for why he wants to raise taxes. I don’t give a rip about fairness. I care about people having a shot at lasting prosperity.

He’s a tool of the unions. Whatever they want, he tries giving them. When they told him to violate the U.S. Constitution, he didn’t hesitate in signing an unconstitutional executive order to unionize child care small businesses.

That’s a direct violation of the First Amendment giving businesses the right to form their own associations to petition their government. They can’t be told that they can’t hire a lobbyist or that they must join a union. That’s their choice and their’s alone.

Gov. Dayton and the DFL are tools of the special interests. They don’t stand up to militant environmentalists. They haven’t told Tom Dooher and the other EdMinn lobbyists that they’re wrong. They’ve caved every time the unions have demanded something.

It’s time that they started putting families first. It’s time that they stopped looking out only for union families. All families deserve a fair shake. They aren’t getting it from the DFL.

Most importantly, it’s time they stopped with their reckless spending habits and their strangling regulations.

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3 Responses to “Dayton complains about slush fund he signed into law”

  • eric z says:

    The GOP controls both houses. Both houses passed the bonding bill. The entire bill was signed.

    1- If you Gary, or readers know, is there line-item veto power on bonding bills, or only on current budget line items?

    2- Did Dayton cut a deal with GOP folks, to not mess with their bonding bill?

    It looks like #2 is spot on. Are you complaining that Dayton is at fault for wanting the funds available for a wider range of things; or that the objectives listed are unsound things to target? I don’t understand.

    Do you suppose he cut a deal or deals on specific things unfunded specifically, in order to get votes to move an entire bonding bill out of a logjam to his desk for signing?

    There’s not enough transparency. Is that the complaint?

    Are you saying government should not spend?

    Then what is it supposed to do, answer that.

  • Gary Gross says:

    1) TPaw line-itemed out a bunch of bonding projects when the DFL irresponsibly ran the legislature.
    2) RINOs like Larry Howes & Dave Senjem were chairmen of the Bonding committees. Gov. Dayton didn’t have to make a deal with RINOs like that in charge.
    3) Gov. Dayton, RINO Larry & Dave Senjem are guilty of being fiscally irresponsible.
    4) I’m saying that money that’s spent shouldn’t be spent on politicians’ re-elections. It should be spent on things that add value to our economy.

  • walter.hanson says:


    The problem as the shut down showed is if you pass a bill you still have to have a governor willing to sign it.

    Despite your whining and trying to show the Republicans are to blame you have a governor

    * Who signed the bill.

    * And who had the power to remove it from the bonding bill by himself and refused to do it.

    Dayton is to blame no matter how you spin it.

    Pawlenty wouldn’t have asked for two bonding bills and would’ve removed this piece of garbage by the way.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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