I just got off the phone with Steve Gottwalt, who had some shocking news from the Capitol. Today, at a committee hearing, Cy Thao told Steve “When you guys win, you get to keep your money. When we win, we take your money.” This was Thao’s explanation as to how the DFL plans on paying for all the spending increases they promised their special interest friends.

You’d better hear this loud & clear, people. It’s blatantly obvious that the Minnesota DFL has declared war on our pocketbooks with their proposed tax increases & their promise of increasing spending dramatically. Let’s remember that Mindy Greiling said so publicly at a news conference this week:

Greiling outlined her plan at a Capitol news conference, where DFL lawmakers including four first-term representatives gave their support. They said they campaigned to raise more money for schools, and Greiling said neither Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s budget proposal nor the state’s projected $2.16 billion budget surplus will do the job.

Mindy Greiling’s saying that a $2.16 billion surplus isn’t enough to satisfy their spending needs, combined with Thao’s declaration that “When you guys win, you get to keep your money. When we win, we take your money” should be proof positive that the Democrats’ agenda is based on their belief that there’s never enough money to satisfy their spending habits.

I told Steve that this isn’t a surprise, that King predicted on the Final Word way back in January that we’d see another government shutdown this year because Democrats would overstep their mandate by proposing major tax & spending increases. I don’t know if we’ll have a shutdown but I can’t picture there not being a special session.

I’ve written alot about Steve thus far because I think Steve deserves a major pat on the back for fighting the good fight & for not backing down from a battle that’s uphill at best. It’s time we all rallied behind Steve & the other brave GOP legislators who’ve fought the DFL’s fiscal insanity with everything they’ve got. What they’ve done thus far is worthy of our total support.

Earlier today, I heard from a friend at the Capitol that a Pi-Press reporter can’t believe how little work has been done on the major spending bills that get done every other year. I can’t say that I’m shocked, especially considering the amount of utterly frivolous legislation has been proposed by the DFL. In fact, it’s amazing that anyone can call what the DFL majorities are doing governance.

Minnesotans of all political stripes should be worried now that the DFL has declared war on our wallets. It’s time that we pushed back. It’s time that we told them that they’d better back off or expect a major backlash at the voting booth in November, 2008.

Finally, it’s time that we told them that they work for us, not vice versa.

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