I just ran across a story that touched a little close to home. Pillsbury Baptist Bible College is experiencing a slowdown & is in need of help. Here’s a better explanation of what’s happening:

For the school to continue operating, Crane said, it needs an enrollment of at least 200 students. Currently, 170 students attend the school.

This touches very close to home for me because an old neighbor of mine, Pastor Sandahl, used to serve on the board at Pillsbury. Pastor Sandahl is one of the most genuine, most humble, most Godly men I’ve ever met. It’d be accurate to say that Pastor embodies the beliefs of Pillsbury. I know many graduates of Pillsbury, too. Some are relatives of mine. Pillsbury is one of the finest Bible colleges in the nation.

I’d appreciate it if my readers would pray for extra wisdom for Pillsbury’s leaders.

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