Following the very accurate Minnesota budget forecast, this AP article quotes Margaret Anderson-Kelliher. Here’s what Anderson-Kelliher is quoted as saying:

“There are still going to be a lot more `No’s’ than `Yes’s’ at the end of the day,” House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher said last week.

Here’s more from the article:

Before the 2007 session opened, lawmakers set ambitious goals of expanding full-day kindergarten across the state, building up toddler education programs, making sure all children have health insurance, helping colleges rein in tuition and providing property tax relief to homeowners.

Since then, leaders have suggested it would be tough to do it all this year. For instance, there’s been increasing talk that the kindergarten initiative would have to be phased in several years.

TRANSLATION: Democrats made big promises to their special interest groups to keep them energized before the election. Now reality sets in because they know they can’t fulfill all of their promises because they’d be a one term majority. They know that because people voted against Republicans more than they voted for the DFL’s agenda.

The reality is that Democrats are in the process of overplaying their hands, both here in Minnesota & in Washington, DC. Despite this midterm election’s results, conservatism is still the most dominant force in American politics.

The reality is that people prefer fiscal restraint over lavish promises. The DFL doesn’t offer fiscal restraint, despite Kelliher’s stating otherwise.

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