Last week, Mitch Berg wrote a brilliant series of articles about U of M Professor WB Gleason’s threat to file an FCC complaint against Late Debate’s Jack Tomczak. Specifically, Gleason threatened to file the FCC complaint over some tweets made by Jack.

As Mitch highlighted in this post, the FCC doesn’t have jurisdiction over tweets:

Of course, Channel Five doesn’t phrase their requests for interviews with terms like “asshole“. Which was Tomczak’s sole mistake. But, I hasten to add, that took place on Twitter – a place where the FCC has no jurisdiction.

Despite conservatives’ warning the station that they shouldn’t cave to Gleason, that’s precisely what 95.9 did. To say that this touched off a firestorm amongst conservatives is understatement. Jen DeJournett, co-founder of VOICES of Conservative Women, sent this letter to Andrew Lee at AM1130:

His April 22, 2012
Dear Mr. Lee:
VOICES of Conservative Women (VOICES) would like to encourage your radio station to pick up the highly regarded show called the “The Late Debate”. I have participated numerous times as a guest of the show and been a frequent listener to the program. I have found their guests and the issues they discuss to be relevant to the political dialogue in Minnesota. In addition, “The Late Debate” has had numerous conservative women as guests on their program. Just last week, they hosted a “Mom’s Table” where every guest was a mom and responded to the timely topic of Hilary Rosen. No other radio program has had the sheer number of women guests in their tenure. Allowing our perspective to be heard is critical and appreciated.

Founded just a few years ago here in Minnesota, VOICES of Conservative Women has grown to become one of the premier women focus organization in the upper Midwest. Our current supporter base is 25,000 women from all over the country. VOICES of Conservative Women is a 501(c)4 national non-profit, nonpartisan organization that works to encourage women to be more involved in public policy and run for elected office. We also work to educate on issues that relate to our core mission: fiscal responsibility, limited government and free market principles.

Our 527 political fund (VOICESPAC) works to elect strong, qualified women candidates who support our mission.

VOICES has worked very hard since our inception to encourage women to get involved in politics and has a strong, proven track record of electing qualified women to office.

We hope that you will seriously consider bringing “The Late Debate” to your radio station. Their willingness to be unique and newsworthy has made them a delight to listen to and a much needed voice in the Twin Cities radio market.

If you need any additional information from our organization, please let us know and we will provide it to you.

Best Regards,

Jennifer DeJournett, President
VOICES of Conservative Women

This is the highest profile letter to Mr. Lee to pick up Jack’s and Ben’s show. It isn’t the only letter or email that Mr. Lee has received from conservatives.

Rather than just focusing narrowly on the situation confronting Jack and Ben, it’s important that conservatives recognize some important facts. First, the far left is waging war agains talk radio. That’s what’s driven the Left’s attacks against Rush Limbaugh.

They didn’t have a prayer in hell of taking him down. Ever. The Left’s goal was to get station managers to volunarily put silencers on ‘controversial’ talk radio hosts like Jack and Ben. In this instance, controversial is defined as people brave enough to ignore the Left’s false premises and baseless attacks.

Another definition of controversial might be effective in exposing the Left’s agenda of intimidation and creating controversy from thin air.

Jack and Ben will soon return to the airwaves. They’re too talented and too informed not to be part of talk radio’s lineup in the Twin Cities.

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5 Responses to “Radio station owners, spines and the Left’s censorship”

  • Rex Newman says:

    Looking at the many tweets and posts, I think we’re overall being a bit hard on the 95.9 management. Let’s not forget that 1. it’s their station, 2. they gave Jack and Ben the chance to begin with and 3. they’re not getting rich having done so.

    I further submit that this ultimately may prove the right decision long term for The Late Debate.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Fair points Rex.

  • eric z says:

    Who are Jack and Ben? It sounds like ho-hum talk radio, a low denominator aimed at reinforcing the biases of anyone who’d take the time to listen to such stuff as talk radio. Gary, you’re not a talk radio junkie, are you?

  • eric z says:

    I notice Andy at Residual Forces has a short post on this same thing, and he identifies it as a Clear Channel operation. Isn’t Clear Channel biased from the get-go, so if they pull something in their program, doesn’t the smoke-fire old saying have credibility?

    What exactly is in dispute? Neither here, nor Andy’s post gives a clear statement of that. Is it a have to go look at Mitch Berg thing?

  • Gary Gross says:

    What’s in question: Gleason’s ability to have the FCC rule on Jack Tomczak’s tweets. WBGleason had a heated exchange with Jack on Twitter. The last I looked, the FCC didn’t have jurisdiction over Twitter. It’s that whole First Amendment thing.

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