Give the DFL an A+ for persistence in sticking with their discredited anti-Chip Cravaack chanting points. Yesterday, Minnesota Progressive Project kept the drumbeat going with this post. Here’s the heart of their chanting points:

Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-MN/NH) has a problem. It all began when he campaigned against Jim Oberstar as out of touch with his district. He claimed that Oberstar actually lived in the Maryland suburbs of DC. He further claimed that Oberstar rarely visited Minnesota. Candidates who make those sort of claims better make themselves very available to their constituents and get lots of face time in their districts.

As everyone knows, Cravaack moved his family to New Hampshire after he beat Oberstar.

Actually, Chip moved his family to New Hampshire as a result of a medical emergency. The ‘convenient thing’ for the DFL is that they aren’t interested in reality. They’re only interested in playing mindless gotcha games. (Apparently, they don’t think in terms of solutions, just gotchaisms.)

The DFL’s disinterest in the truth is apparent through this:

Cravaack won’t even verify when he’s actually been in the district. He just claims a lot and asks us to believe him.

That paragraph deserves a Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire alert. Chip’s constituents don’t have to take his word he’s staying in touch with them. They know because he’s held 27 townhall meetings in the district thus far.

That’s more open-to-the-public townhall meetings than Sen. Klobuchar, Sen. Franken and Jim Oberstar held the last 5 years combined.

The DFL will attempt to defeat Chip by repeating their mindless chanting points. If that’s all they’ve got in their CD-8 arsenal, they’re in trouble.

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5 Responses to “DFL allies repeat anti-Cravaack chanting points”

  • Jethro says:

    D on’t
    F orget to
    L ie

    Oh, I am sorry. That was mean.

  • eric z says:

    That CD 8 seat is in play. Who will be the general election challenger? Any thoughts, Gary?

    Do you see any other Minnesota seats in play? The DFL wants to say Kline and Paulsen can be unseated. The GOP wants to say Peterson and Walz can be. The field against Walz looks mediocre. My guess is no change in any Minnesota district, except CD 8, no change in the Senate. I know at some point Gary you will be posting an extended analysis of the Senate situation, but for now it’s Mr. X to challenge Klobuchar, and best to wait until “X” is replaced with a name.

  • eric z says:

    On CC himself, I think he’s proud of New Hampshire and that New Hampshire should be proud of him, proud of his family’s residence choices, proud to have him in Congress.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Isn’t it time that A-Klo resign, then officially move to Virginia & become their senator?

    I’m curious why lefties like you haven’t talked about Photo Op Amy isn’t really a Minnesotan. At least by your standards, she isn’t.

    More importantly, why don’t you take her to task for neglecting an important part of the state? I thought the DFL cared about unions.

    It’s unfortunate that you couldn’t prove it by Sen. Klobuchar’s or Rep. Oberstar’s actions.

  • eric z says:

    More detail, Gary?

    Residence? The evidence?

    Neglecting a part of the State? Specifics of the charge?

    She’s caving in on environmentally dangerous mining where the advocates do not want to escrow cash to assure remediation happens at the expense of the profiteers after the ore’s played out, vs. some shell firm exploiting things and then leaving with taxpayers holding the bag. You WANT taxpayers to get stiffed? Why? If safe and sane mining proposals happen, with an end-of-mine-lifetime remediation kitty in place, that would be different.

    She’s caved in on that stupid bridge to nowhere.

    Yes, progressives are not satisfied.

    But there is no viable alternative unless/until a progressive challenges and wins a primary. It is unlikely.

    At least she and Franken are leaders against the pump-price manipulators and speculators. Do give her credit for that. The Koch refinery has a market monopoly because you cannot except at great expense truck gasoline in from Cleveland or Buffalo, each with a sole refinery manipulating its local market as the Koch firm does here. What are the GOP doing about the speculators and the refinery chokeholds? Zippo. Schmoozing with the Koch brothers in ALEC mode is not really helpful at the gas pump.

    Any thoughts on that.

    And the canard “Drill here,” etc., is hogwash. There is a fracking boom time in NoDak, and the pump price is climbing because it’s the refineries that are screwing folks by manipulating the bottleneck in things.

    They are drilling there in NoDak, drilling there now, and yet it is no surprise really that the pay more part is not part of the Gingrich-Bachmann mantra, but it’s merely the truth.

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