This afternoon, I got a call from a loyal reader of this blog who was just heading home from the HD-15B endorsing convention.

This loyal reader said that Jim Neuberger had won the endorsement to be the GOP candidate in this fall’s general election. The report I received was that Jim had a substantial lead after the first ballot.

At that point, Joan Parsakalla made a quite magnanimous gesture, dropping out and making a motion that a unanimous ballot be cast for Jim Neuberger. I’ve had the chance to meet Joan. She’s a tireless worker for the party. I have nothing but positives to say about Joan.

Still, I’m happy for Jim because I’ve known Jim since 2008. He’s a great guy with a strong grasp of the issues. That’s why Jim will be part of the State legislature this time next year.

Jim is staunchly pro-life, a major plus in central Minnesota. Jim’s strong on Second Amendment issues, too. In fact, he told the Benton County convention delegates that he and his wife often go shooting at the range.

Jim’s been the Deputy Chair of the 6th Congressional District Executive Board. He’s worked on lots of campaigns, too. That’s why I’m confident Jim will run a strong campaign campaign.

The other thing that’s worth noting from the convention was that alot of the precincts weren’t at 100% strength. From what I was told, there were more than a few precincts that were at 35-50% strength. Apparently, alot of Ron Paul supporters didn’t show up for the convention.

The other thing that this loyal reader said was that there was a little animosity towards the people who didn’t show up. Apparently, the Paul delegates didn’t learn that there’s more to being a delegate than just getting to the state convention and voting for Ron Paul.

Congratulations to Jim for winning the endorsement. He worked hard and got the victory. Joan Parsakalla should be applauded for being a great team player and for her great gesture.

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16 Responses to “Jim Neuberger wins GOP 15B endorsement”

  • Dale Powers says:

    I attended the 15B convention yesterday, and I have to agree with you (sadly, as a Ron Paul supporter) that the Paul delegates didn’t turn out. There is a rift in the Sherburne County GOP, loosely based on whether you are a supporter of Mary Kiffmeyer (who supported Joan) or not (loosely supporting Jim). I was active in the GOP (then called IR) from 1978-1990, then dropped out to go to college and start a second career in city/county government. I was a BPOU Chair and CD 6 Vice Chair during that time. There was a rift in the party then, and it still remains.

    I find this very troubling. Mary and I have had our disagreements (and contrary to her belief, I AM pro-life!), but I supported Mary for endorsement against Mark Olson (who had some other things to take care of). I supported Jim over Joan, but that was more because of Joan’s seemingly rote responses to questions I posed to her (the basis of her ‘scaring’ me); Jim’s responses revealed more depth of knowledge.
    If Joan got the endorsement, I would have supported her.

    I am a Ron Paul supporter; however, contrary to your opinion that RP supporters do not want to help out local candidates, I am led to believe that the 15B GOP organization does not want nor desire the assistance of RP supporters (or at least, this RP supporter). The incoming BPOU Chair (so I have been told) has said some disparaging comments about Ron Paul. He also saved some of his vitriol towards me as a candidate for BPOU Chair. Fortunately, I’ve been attacked by better people than Matt Anderson so it all rolled off my back. It reflected negatively on Matt more than me. But, the fact sadly remains that if the RP supporters would have attended this convention, Matt would most likely have lost the race. I do wish Matt well with his new responsibilities. Having been a BPOU Chair, I am intimately aware of the mantel he chose to wear.

    To conclude, while I stuck my head back into the Sherburne County GOP tent to see if anything had changed, while the faces have changed the attitude remains the same. It is fortunate that 15B is a very strong GOP seat, and starting in January it will be State Rep. Jim Newberger (R-Becker). The internecine warfare that continues to go on in Sherburne County makes it less likely that I’ll be asked to volunteer my time and talents. I was a Clear Lake City Councilmember from 1999-2003, and most likely will run again for that position.

    Just wanted to weigh in on this so your readers had a more nuanced version of why RP supporters don’t put in the grunt work.

  • Amelia Weber says:

    I have thought long and hard about if I should respond to this or not, and what I should respond with. There are many things I could say, but am instead going to keep it simple.

    Simply put, Matt Anderson is a man of integrity who works tirelessly for the Republican Party her in Minnesota and specifically Sherburne County.

    In the conversations I have had with Matt he has never once said one negative thing about Ron Paul, and aside from you and one other person, no one has said that he has. Did he actually say these things to you? If not I would encourage you to have a conversation with him before spreading slander.

    The things Matt pointed out about you at the convention were true, you were absent from the party for 20 years, something you admitted yourself. That is hardly an attack. Matt was appointed as acting chair because of his involvement and his character, and he ran a smooth convention. Although I have actually only met Matt twice, he has been trying to get me more involved with my local party since he found out in 2010 that I am a very vocal Republican. At the time I was busy with local non-partisan campaigns and efforts at SCSU, so I regretfully did not get involved. This year I contacted Matt with my desire to get involved after becoming a delegate (and he knew of my support for Ron Paul) and he has worked with me to get and keep me involved. I am one of many people he has recruited and brought into the party.

    As a convention teller, I will tell you that even if every Ron Paul supporter had showed up you would still not have one, as Matt had more than 5 times as many votes as you did.

    I will not discredit your experience and knowledge, and I hope that you do stay active and volunteer. I am sure that the candidates would love to have your help and talents, especially Jim since he has your full support.

  • Amelia Weber says:

    One more thing, you decided to throw your hate into the race for BPOU chair on Friday evening, Matt had spent a great deal of time contemplating this decision. He also knew that he had a lot of support because a lot of people had encouraged him to run.

    Also, I’d like to correct a typo, above I used one instead of won…oops!

  • Ken Anderson says:

    It was the things Matt didn’t say about Dale but instead forced Sara to say against her wishes that speak directly to character, Amelia. The fact that he took Sara outside the building to get in her face with the demand that she WILL stand at his side and that she WILL say exactly what he told her to say speaks volumes. This was witnessed directly. She didn’t want any part of it, he forced her when he could have done that himself if he wished, but rather chose to put on the appearance of staying above that fray while forcing Sara into the muck.


  • S. Morse says:

    ‘Matt was appointed as acting chair because of his involvement and his character, and he ran a smooth convention.’
    Correction; David FitzSimmons ran a smooth convention.

  • Dave Seitz says:

    I was also at the convention on Sat and was elected Deputy Chair. Congrats to Jim and hats off to Joan for being a class act all the way. It was harder for me to pick between the two as both were friends you could count on in the party. Both had gone out of their way to help me and instruct and train me in the BPOU. Without their past help I would never have had the courage to run for Deputy Chair. Additionally all the work that I knew Matt had been doing and his encouragement made the decision to run easier.

    Once again I will go on record with this statement that I have said before. I see Ron Paul as the only person running who has the facts and knowledge on finance for the fastest turn around of the Nation and Economy. The others who are running except Obama may be able to do it but at a slower pace. The Ron Paul Supporters could be the best thing to happen to the party for energy since Sarah Palin joined McCain. The GOP is aiming for the middle of the road types that inspire no passion in a voters heart, something the RP supporters have and show. IF BIG IF the GOP embraced the RP folks and worked with them as the FUTURE LEADERS we would be VICTORIOUS! With the fiscal principles and returning to a smaller Govt. Along with adhearance to the Constitution this party would be growing a new and continued batch of leaders for generations to come.

  • Sara Anderson says:

    Ken, how dare you say these flat out lies. How dare you attack Matt’s or my character and our marriage and family. What I said and did at that convention, was completely of my OWN FREE WILL. How you can be allowed to post such outrageous LIES, not even exaggerations, but COMPLETE LIES, on a blog about private citizens is beyond me. You should be ashamed of yourself. You were kicked out of the convention early during the day. So you are no part of anything regarding this situation. When the vote for BPOU chair was taken, you had been gone for hours. No one forces me to do ANYTHING. Anyone who knows me, knows this… INCLUDING YOU, KEN. This is a done issue. I kindly ask you to remove your comment.

  • Lisa says:

    Anyone who actually knows Sara will know that she speaks her own mind, not what is “demanded” of her. Sara checks and rechecks her information before speaking and she would never go in front of a public audience with mis-information. Ken, were you the one who witnessed this confrontation? Or are you using second-hand information? I’ve known the Andersons for years and I know that Matt would never demand anything of that sort from Sara and he knows that Sara would probably do the opposite of something he “demanded” of her anyway. And how can you say Sara didn’t want ‘any part of it?’ She loves being involved and will always do what she feels is the proper thing to do, whether it brings criticism or not. Since Sara is not running for anything, she should not be the topic of any debate, critique, or slander by anyone. Isn’t this a volunteer position anyway? Getting down and dirty for a job that doesn’t even pay…

  • Brian Fleming says:

    Having known Sara for the better part of two decades, your description of her Ken does not match the Sara that I know. If Sara says something you can be assured that it’s not only her saying it because that’s what she believes, but that it’s been thought out before she says it.

  • Ken Anderson says:

    I didn’t suggest there was mis-information, just that the down and the dirty was coming into play, and further when stepping outside for some private words it’s probably a good idea not to do it in easy earshot of other delegates.

  • Ken Anderson says:

    But if you can persuade the owner of this blog to scrub the comments I’ve no objection, not sure there’s any way to un-post.


  • Kimberly Johnson says:

    As i read through this blog, im disturbed by what is being said about the Anderson family. I have had many conversation with both Matt and Sara about lots of topics, not just politics. Everytime there is Matt’s side, then Sara’s. Sometimes they agree and somtimes not. Sara NEVER would allow anyone to “force her into saying something, or doing something she 100% did not want to do.. She speaks the truth! and thats what she did that night. First off lets remember what was being said about YOU Ken.. Its a viral world now days, and what is being said about people will always be part of the internet. The only problem i see here is what YOU yourslef Ken have said on your own page about what you like to do in your spare time. But then having the nerve to try and point the finger at someone else when your dirty laundry is being aired, just shows the world the kind of person you really are. Its really kind of sad, because you now have become a lier, and nobody likes a lier. Sara and Matt are wonderful people that you should have been lucky to be associated with..In every game there is a Winner…and a Loser. You have to be a good Loser to be any kind of Winner.. clearly Matt is was the right choice.

  • Ken Anderson says:

    Not quite sure what you’re talking about, Kimberly, I think you’re confused as to who is who and what is what. Tempting as it is to lay out the whole sordid story start to finish, just because the entertainment value is about as good as it gets when it comes to BPOU conventions, an outline in more-or-less chronological order will suffice, ignoring a few other wrinkles associated with the endorsement contest:

    1) Unlike all other area BPOUs- No proposed rules/agenda/constitution are made available to any delegates in advance
    2) Ron Paul campaign calls a ‘Paul delegate only’ meeting to meet and discuss the upcoming convention, some discussion of the benefits of supporting a slate of Paul delegate candidates in a roomful of competing slates will occur but most of the hour goes towards discussion of and familiarizing first-time delegates with generic agenda/rules documents borrowed from an adjoining district with much the same full plate of business
    3) One self-avowed Paul supporter intending to run for exec committee position forwards the meeting announcement email to the temporary BPOU brass, phones start ringing emails begin flying around all over the county; one BPOU activist contacts the Sherburne Paul Coordinator [me] deploring slate efforts. That activist is invited to attend the meeting and offered the floor for a few minutes there to present the case against slated voting efforts, is told he will be asked whether his name has appeared on organized slates in recent election years. Activist declines invite.
    4) At meeting one attendee asks whether BPOU Chair is being contested; I’m not in the new district and have no idea and say so. That individual apparently decides to give it a shot, but it is about 13 hours prior to the opening of registration and a long shot to say the least with no time to network with other delegates and seek support.
    5) Convention opens, private slates are in abundance; activist slate, Hegseth slate being put together at the table next door to the Paul table, ours, and so on- business as usual with no convention rules in place yet, anything goes. Rules get passed after final credentialing though only delegates have them, since they were never offered at a table for anyone to examine, rather were placed on the delegate seats. Nevertheless they surely contain the usual lit disclaimer language and at this point in time the general distribution of any literature to the convention must have that disclaimer, and any lit without such on the seats may be collected by the Sgt.-at-Arms if brought to the att’n of the convention chair. Of course there are no such generally distributed slate documents on any chair as their distribution was private and an accomplished fact prior to any rules being in place, except for the Hegseth slate which is still rolling off the printer on their table, without disclaimer. One other slate is still being distributed privately via electronic devices.
    6) Future sec of state of this 9-precinct fiefdom is seen handing over the Paul slate to the temporary brass, by a guest speaker in attendance. Guest speaker alerts us there is probably trouble in the works.
    7) Sweater-vested activist who earlier declined meeting invite takes the mike w/Paul slate in hand to request slate removal and Paul volunteer removal, of course there are no visible slates to remove and no rule in place was ever violated by that individual. TSA has apparently not showed up to shake down the assembly, and no motion to have all in attendance check all clothing, electronics and bags at the door gets moved, seconded, and passed; the first ever slate-free GOP convention conducted in the nude again fails to materialize. Of course that would have meant that all slate activity be dampered, and only one slate raised the hackles of the brass enough to set it in their sights.
    8) Unlike all other area BPOUs – a campaign volunteer [me] is ejected on suspicion of the distribution of private slates prior to any rule against or limiting it being in place. And I might add very unnecessarily, as all communications were conducted prior to the implementation of any such rule and like most of the other efforts, were already in place by then and activity had ceased. The other Paul volunteer is not ejected, and the Hegseth slate continues to roll off the printers a few feet away, unimpeded with no disclaimer. Pretty amusing for its sheer and unashamed hypocrisy.
    9) Prior to the BPOU Chair election the conversation reported earlier is witnessed outside the building by a seated delegate with no horse in the race, that seated delegate not hailing from within the defined borders of the new BPOU forming. Make of it what you will, I can certainly connect you to that delegate privately if you really wish to hear the first-hand account and decide for yourself.
    10) The politicking sinks to new lows as the microphone at the convention is used to air personal crap involving old facebook postings of a candidate, and I might add very unnecessarily, as reported by the teller above this just wasn’t going to be a close call in any way, shape or form – last-minute entries never stand much of a chance except for open vacancies lacking an interested candidate until the last minute.
    11) This blog reports on the lack of Paul showing; clearly there was considerably more Paul showing than desired by some at least. Not to mention that the convention chair, some guest speakers, activist volunteers who’ve served one more than one local race committee to elect, were there in abundance, all with present or previous involvement in the liberty, constitutional-conservative movement that Dr. Paul presently is standard-bearer of. All with a solid local involvement history; more than one of them engaging in their own candidacies to the MN legislature, past and presently. No mention of the lack of turnout from other counties with no Paul strength to speak of, I do believe aim was taken at the Paul-rich Benton county delegation in particular while ignoring mostly empty seats from the other county delegations Saturday. Darn Santorum folks never show up to carry the water! ;).
    12) After charting the course into murky waters, splashing around in it to their heart’s content at the convention itself, certain individuals are awfully quick to whine when a little of the same comes back their way, aren’t they. You charted the course, live with it.

  • Kimberly Johnson says:

    My apologies Ken. What i was trying to say was what was being said about Dale and his charater. Not yourself. But that still does not excuse that fact that YOU (ken) have written bold faced lies about the Anderson family. Thats what 90% of this blog is about. You lying and stating that you “were an ear-shot anyway” and heard Matt demand Sara to say things against her fell will. You clearly have no idea what your talking about.

  • Amelia Weber says:

    Those weren’t old Facebook posts, they were made within days and weeks of the convention. Also, Dale sought me out on Facebook and sent me a message that said, “Sometimes when you step on the cat’s tail, you make the cat really angry……..” That can most certainly be perceived as a personal threat to me. I did and do not understand why he sent that to me, but I assume it is because he did not win the BPOU chair position, and because when I was approached by the sargent at arms about whether or not I had received a slate and when I had recieved it, I was honest. I did recieve one, that it came from you Ken and I had recieved it after the rules had been adapted. I had no idea that that wasn’t allowed or that it had to have a disclaimer, and I sure as heck wasn’t about to lie. I never saw any of the other slates you mentioned and I can’t say I trust you at your word after the previous falsehoods uou’ve reported. The Republican party in general, and Ron Paul and the Libertarian cause are never going to get anywhere of we cannot figure out how to get along in our party. I will say that’s the one thing the liberals do well, they save their blame and attacking for those outside their party, wish us Republicans could learn to do the same…

  • Ken Anderson says:

    Again, Kimberly, I was not the delegate that occurred in front of, nor did I say I was, I was a campaign volunteer at the event. But I sure heard all about it. And Amelia, you came by for a copy of the slate well before final credentialing and well before passage of the rules. All slate distribution activity had ceased by then. We get along in the party just fine so long as all get fair treatment rather than being singled out for the cold shoulder, and in fact on the 14th of April we are the party for all practical purposes, since we hold a large majority of those seats.

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