Part of my Sunday night routine is to watch the Sports Show, a gossip show about Minnesota sports. The regulars on the show are Mike Max, who actually owns the show, Sid Hartman, Patrick Reusse & Dark Star. Dark Star wasn’t there tonight. In his stead, Trent Tucker sat in for him. At the start of the third segment, Max kiddingly introduced Trent as the “future assistant coach of the Minnesota Gophers”, then asked if he’d like to make an announcement.

After the laughter subsided, Tucker said that he couldn’t “say anything at this time.” With that out of the way, Max asked him how he’d go about rebuilding the Gophers. Trent Tucker said that you have to go for the best players and that the best players aren’t always on the recruiting lists of the major recruiting publications. He said that he’d try & get the best players, whether they’re from New York, Florida or his home state of Michigan.

The only way Trent would be the assistant coach is if Flip was the head coach. The good news for Gopher fans who’ve suffered through the Monson era is that a coaching team of Flip Saunders & Trent Tucker would have the Barn packed & rocking within 3 years. Trent Tucker is a great student of the game with an NBA championship ring from the Chicago Bulls/Michael Jordan dynasty. He’d also be able to sell kids on Minnesota because they’d be playing in big games & because NBA scouts would pay attention to the Gophers.

Of course, Sid tried painting this as mission impossible & that they wouldn’t have much of a team for years unless they brought in Bob Knight, which is a crock. Flip & Trent Tucker are just as good of coaches as Mr. Knight & they’d be a dynamic recruiting duo.

The good news is that we’ll find out just how good a recruiting duo they are starting next season.

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