When I think of whether Bill Parcells will accept the interim head coaching position with the Saints, my first thought is “Who cares”? In his post-NY Giants career, Bill Parcells’ record has been 95-81. That figures out to being a 54% winning percentage.

While it’s true that some of his teams were at the start of a rebuilding, it’s equally true that he took over the Cowboys at a time when they had the reputation of being a juggernaut, at least with the media.

His last 3 seasons with the Cowboys didn’t produce earth-shattering numbers: 24 wins, 24 losses.

The reality is that the only time Bill Parcells was a great coach was when Phil Simms was his QB and his linebacking crew was LT, Harry Carson and Carl Banks.

When that team was broken up, Bill Parcells returned to being average. He’s got the reputation. I’m just not sure it’s deserved.

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