When Greta van Susteren interviews Michele Bachmann, the sparks fly in terms of the public learning things they wouldn’t otherwise learn. That’s what happened last night when Greta interviewed Michele Bachmann about Obamacare’s regulations, costs and impacts.

Here’s the transcript of the first outrageous thing we found out about Obamacare:

GRETA: I made a list of things that were sort of promised to them. One was that the cost would go down and that 30,000,000 who weren’t insured would be insured. Right now, those 30,000,000 don’t have health insurance because the mandate hasn’t kicked in yet.

REP. BACHMANN: They don’t have it but here’s worse. Last week, the government, though the Congressional Budget Office, said that at least 20,000,000 people would lose their health care because their employers were going to drop them because their costs are escalating so fast.

GRETA: What would you do? Under your plan, would everyone have a health plan?

REP. BACHMANN: Here’s what I think we should do. I put a bill together a couple of years ago that says this. We should let any American buy any insurance policy they want anywhere in America…

GRETA: You can’t now?

REP. BACHMANN: You can’t. You can only buy health insurance in your state under your state’s mandates.

GRETA: Why not?

REP. BACHMANN: Well, because there’s something called the McCarren-Ferguson Law at the federal level and it creates health insurance monopolies in every single state. We’vev got to knock down these barriers and think about the consumer and let the consumer buy any insurance policy they want anywhere in America with no minimum federal requirements and then…

GRETA: Let me ask you this. The insurance companies are making. Are they making out like bandits like this because of this monopoly?

REP. BACHMANN: Well, they’ve got a monopoly in each state. What does that tell you?

GRETA: That tells me alot.

Rather than let Americans make their own health insurance and health care decisions, the federal government and state governments put in place regulations that created monopolies for the insurance companies and diminished people’s health insurance options.

What’s worse is that the people who wrote this bill are responsible for creating the health insurance companies’ monopolies. Occupy Wall Street should be protesting in front of the Democrats’ offices. They should be staging sit-ins in Leader Pelosi’s offices. They should be criticizing Harry Reid, Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar and Ben Nelson for selling people out.

As awful as that information is, this information will cause people to go vesuvial:

GRETA: I’ll tell you what I find troubling. I find that this 2,500 pages — and Leader Pelosi said that you have to read it to find out what’s in it — the bill is actually incomprehensible. But then those 2,500 pages were then shipped over to HHS and then unelected people created these rules, this complex set of rules were created by unelected people. These unelected people are really writing the health care…

REP. BACHMANN: This is a bill that will never finish being written. The 2,500 pages is chump change. There’s already been over 10,000 pages of regulations that have been written and there’s over 1,200 places in the bill that you know…I remember the night you brought it in here.

GRETA: It was that high (about 18″ tall)…

REP. BACHMANN: That’s just the bill. Then take that by a factor of 10 and you’ll have the beginning of the regulations. It will never end. The employers will never know if they’re a criminal or not a criminal or if they’re in compliance or not.

Every mandate the federal or state government imposes on people through the insurance companies drives costs up. In Minnesota, state government imposes 65 mandates on health insurance companies. As a result, there are few companies competing for the business.

Each mandated coverage is a new risk adding into health insurance premiums.

Thanks to Greta for this interview and to Michele’s detailed understanding of the atrocities in Obamacare, Americans now have a better grasp of what a worthless, dangerous bill this is.

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  • When the Logical Husband and I lived in Wisconsin we had wonderful insurance that was good and inexpensive. It was less than our contribution to our employer based policy through Blue Cross Blue Shield. It allowed us to choose our doctors, our neighborhood clinic, area hospitals and it was run by doctors so those that were making decisions on what was covered or not, did so from a clinical position – not an actuarial position. I was heart-broken to have to leave it behind when we moved to Minnesota. It would do so much to bring down end user costs if we could have that kind of inter state portability.


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