When Greta van Susteren posted about this entertainer yesterday, people knew she was pissed and rightfully so. This is what Greta took offense to:

Another pig….and a media association has hired the pig, Louis C.K., to be their headliner for the big media dinner? Really? I am not going. I refuse to go. Everyone in the media should join me in this boycott.

The headliner of this year’s Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner is “comedian” Louis C.K. Comedian? I don’t think so. Pig? yes.

He uses filthy language about women…..yes, the C word…and yes, even to describe a woman candidate for Vice President of the United States. It isn’t just Governor Palin he denigrates. He denigrates all women and looks to the crowd to laugh.

I refuse to show any support for this guy or for the Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner Committee who hired him. I think the organization that hired him is just as bad as he is. It is no secret that he denigrates women.

Thoughtful people should thank Greta for speaking out on the straightforward principles of dignity and respect. Thanks to Greta’s moral clarity and courage, she’s had a profound impact in less than 24 hours:’s Alex Alvarez has the story:

(by the way, “he just didn’t want to do it?” Yeah right….he changed his mind less than 24 hours after I called for a boycott. I assume many others jumped on the call for the boycott and thus he made the right decision. We did it together.)

This is why Greta is a giant in my mind. I’m sure there were others that jumped on the bandwagon. They wouldn’t have had a bandwagon to jump on, though, if Greta hadn’t spoken with the clarity and conviction she did.

That’s why C.K. is history.

Greta is right, though, in highlighting the people who initially hired this mysogynist as being as reprehensible as the ‘comedian.’

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  • Bob J. says:

    I wonder what the difference is, if any, between this Louis CK idiot and Andrew Dice Clay. Anyone remember the outrage back then?

    Oh, wait. It’s all in who you attack.

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