Tarryl Clark is proving that she’s the ultimate team player, with the proviso that she’s the head of the team:

Waves of concern rippled among democrats throughout northeastern Minnesota Thursday on the heels of former State Senator Tarryl Clark’s announcement that she intends to bypass the party endorsement and force a DFL primary in the 8th congressional district. In what is likely to be one of the milder comments directed at the St Cloud resident in the wake of her revelation, DFL Party Chair Ken Martin stressed the importance of party unity if we are to defeat incumbent Tea Party Rep. Chip Cravaack (MN/NH):

We are disappointed to hear that Tarryl Clark will not be abiding by the DFL endorsement. As a former associate chair of the State DFL Party, Tarryl Clark knows the importance of the endorsement process. By forcing a primary election, we risk wasting valuable DFL resources and drawing the focus away from the real goal of defeating Chip Cravaack.

There is far too much at stake in the Eighth Congressional District to focus on anything other than making Chip Cravaack a one-term Congressman. That is why it is so important that we unite as a party in support of a DFL-endorsed candidate who understands the values of the Eighth District and who is committed to representing the people of northeastern Minnesota in Washington.

Last May I wrote this post highlighting her ‘willingness’ to help out the CD-8 DFL by running there instead of getting her ass kicked in CD-6. At the time, I coined a phrase that I didn’t use on the blog while talking with friends. Here’s that phrase:

Tarryl Clark’s motto: Have open seat, will relocate.

The reality is that Tarryl’s in this for Tarryl. She can’t listen to Ken Martin because she knows that it’d be the end of her political career. This is her last opportunity. If she loses this time, she’s history.

Let’s be clear, though, about how phony this call for unity is. DFL politicians frequently ignore the endorsing process. Just ask Gov. Kelliher.

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  • Jethro says:

    Tarryl is a classic case of someone who desparately wants to hold higher office even if it means intentionally moving elsewhere. Even her fellow DFLers have become disenchanted with her. For Tarryl, it is really about self service…not public service.

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