Last Thursday, John Murtha told that the vote on the nonbinding resolution was merely the first step in cutting off funding for the troops. He’s since gotten the support of Nancy Pelosi to start working on the second step in his plan, which is to place restrictions on the supplemental appropriation bill that would be impossible to meet and still continue fighting the war.

If Murtha succeeds in implementing those restrictions into the supplemental and the House approves the bill, there’s certain to be a conference committee because I can’t see the Senate voting for the Murtha bill. Let’s suppose for the sake of argument that Reid’s Democrats pass the supplemental. The next question would be “What happens next”?

There’s really only three options at that point: (a) the President signs the bill and ‘obeys’ the bill’s language; (b) the President vetoes the bill and tells Congress to pass a clean bill or (c) the President signs the bill and ignores the restrictions.

Option A won’t happen because it would essentially end the war. Option B isn’t likely to happen either because it would let the Democrats say that they didn’t cut funding for the troops, that it was the president who cut funding.

That’s why I think Option C is the most likely option. The reason why I think this is the option that President Bush would follow this course is rooted in the Constitution. It would set up a constitutional showdown that would revolve around the Legislative Branch micromanaging the war, something that the Constitution prohibits. Other pluses would be that Republicans would fired up by President Bush challenging the Democrats and it would cause the Loony Left to go berserk. Anytime that the Loony Left is the face of the Democratic Party, Republicans win.

Taking this path would also likely cause John Conyers to revive talk about impeaching President Bush. That doesn’t stand a chance of happening because Democrats would lose control of the House of Representatives and wouldn’t take the White House in 2008. A failed impeachment vote would be seen as a staggering repudiation of Pelosi, Murtha and Conyers, too.

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