Does anyone think that Jennifer Rubin is a serious journalist? Do you think she’s as big a Romney shill this cycle as Hugh Hewitt was in 2008? Do people think that she isn’t Mitt Romney’s shill at the Washington Post? If you answered yes to either question, you’d better read Jennifer Rubin’s latest propaganda:

Romney has raised several substantial objections to Obamacare. In Michigan last May (page 11 of his presentation) and since then, he has vigorously argued against the tax burden that would be imposed on businesses and individuals to pay for a plan most Americans don’t want. In op-eds and debates, he has made clear he wants to get rid of the Obamacare taxes and instead work on equalizing the tax treatment of employer-provided and individually purchased health care insurance.

Romneycare is fatally flawed. Mitt’s admitted that it doesn’t control costs. Mitt brags that he didn’t raise taxes with Romneycare. What he actually means is that he didn’t immediately raise taxes. They weren’t included in the initial legislation.

It wasn’t until costs skyrocketed, and huge deficits appeared as a direct result, that Gov. Patrick and the Massachusetts legislature were forced to raise taxes. Those tax increases belong to Gov. Patrick, the Massachusetts legislature and Mitt Romney. Don’t think that President Obama isn’t planning on using that in next fall’s debates.

Romney has also argued that Obamacare adds to the deficit and doesn’t “bend the cost curve.” Unlike the worshipers at the altar of the CBO, he has argued that it will increase health care costs. His other arguments against Obamacare include the anti-jobs impact on business, the excessive federal bureaucracy and regulations needed to run the scheme and the cuts on Medicare. As to the latter, he has accused Obama of cutting $500 billion from Medicare. He, by contrast, has offered his endorsement of the market-based Medicare reform plan proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.).

First, if Mitt wants to argue that Obamacare has an anti-jobs impact, he’ll have to argue that the tax increases in Massachusetts that area direct result of the spiraling costs of Romneycare aren’t killing jobs in Massachusetts. Good luck fighting that argument.

Secondly, all the other verbiage is meaningless because Mitt’s goal, like the legislature’s goal, was to provide coverage, not to lower costs. He made the same fairness argument then that President Obama made in 2009-10. It isn’t likely that voters will be able to tell the difference between Mitt’s tax increases and President Obama’s tax increases.

Could and will Romney expand on each of these points if he becomes the nominee? Certainly. (Understandably it’s not a topic he wants to emphasize in the primary.) But the notion that he hasn’t already outlined differences with Obama on health care or that he will lack arguments against it is a product of wishful thinking of Romney-haters.

Jennifer Rubin just admitted that people hate Mitt’s plan. That’s why he won’t bring it up. He’ll only defend it. Last Thursday, his defense was shot to smithereens by Rick Santorum. Mitt left that skirmish as the emporor with ‘new clothes’.

Mitt won’t bring up Romneycare just like President Obama wouldn’t say more than a few words on Obamacare in his SOTU Address. Sound familiar? If their plans are so good, shouldn’t Mitt and President Obama be touting their plans’ virtues every possible minute?

Perhaps they aren’t because ‘the peasants’ aren’t smart enough to appreciate their brilliance. Most likely, it’s because they’re aware that their plans stink and they want to avoid talking about it at all costs.

Finally, there’s this question about whether Mitt is committed to repealing Obamacare. Norm Coleman said that it’s unlikely to totally repeal it. Friday night, Pam Bondi essentially said that Mitt wants Romneycare to be implemented in all 50 states.

We can’t take the chance that Mitt isn’t committed to repealing Obamacare. It’s time to reject Mitt. It’s time to reject Jennifer Rubin’s propaganda.

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