If anything is certain, it’s that President Obama is a devout believer…in uberradical Saul Alinsky. This video shows Alan Colmes sitting like a potted plant and Monica Crowley explaining to Bill O’Reilly President Obama’s affinity for Alinsky:

Thanks to Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit, we have this picture of then-community organizer Barack Obama teaching Alinsky 101 to college students:

GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has framed the debate that this election is about Alinsky vs. the Founding Fathers. Here’s part of Newt’s victory speech:

Let me just say that I believe the debate we’re going to have with President Obama over the next eight or nine months is the outlining of the two Americas:

Those two choices, I believe, will give the American people a chance to decide permanently whether we want to remain the historic America that has provided opportunity for more people of more backgrounds than any country in history, or whether, in fact, we prefer to become a brand-new, secular, European-style, bureaucratic socialist system.

The America of the Declaration of Independence v. the America of Saul Alinsky; the America of paychecks v. the America of food stamps; the America of Independence v. the America of Dependence; the America of strength in foreign policy v. the America of weakness in foreign policy.

Peter Ferrera develops that further in his American Spectator article:

In so summarizing his South Carolina victory speech last week, Newt Gingrich framed the debate against President Obama with a clear vision that will sharply clarify the choice the American people will have to make this year.

Do we want the America of the Declaration of Independence? Or the America of radical Marxist revolutionary and social manipulator Saul Alinsky? One TV commentator indicated that most Americans do not even know who Saul Alinsky was. But that is exactly why Gingrich is so right to frame the debate this way, because with Barack Obama as their President, Americans need to know who Saul Alinsky was, and when Gingrich is done with his campaign, every American will.

President Obama is not only a follower of Saul Alinsky, and literally a practitioner of his strategies and tactics for the radical socialist takeover of America. After graduation from Harvard Law School, Obama was an instructor of fellow Marxist comrades in the Alinsky philosophy and methodology of social manipulation for the radical Marxist organization ACORN.

The American people need to know this, and all about Alinsky, to make an informed decision on whether to vote for Obama for reelection. That vote would represent a fundamental rejection of America, and all it has stood for since 1776.

What’s heartening to me is that Newt gets it that this isn’t just a fight of who has the better policies. The Democratic Party is filled with Alinskyite radicals that won’t think twice about lying to the American people to get their way.

That’s why Newt’s standing up to the media is ultimately important. He won’t let them get away with sloppy information. He won’t let their false premises, which is foundational to Alinskyite tactics, go unchallenged. That’s why President Obama, in his heart of hearts, doesn’t want to run against Newt Gingrich.

He might get beat by Mitt but he’d get exposed by Newt. He doesn’t like either option but getting exposed for being an Alinskyite radical would cripple the Democratic Party for at least a decade.

Newt will fight for the Founding Fathers’ America. He’ll fight against the Obama-Alinsky America. Mitt might or might not fight for good capitalist policies. Mitt won’t attack Obama-Alinskyite radicalism because that’s not what’s done in polite society.

My opinion for this campaign is simple: It’s time to think of this election for what it is: a bare-knuckled street fight between Alinskyite radicals that hate America and freedom-loving constitutionalists.

Mitt can’t rise to that occasion. He’s never thought about fighting that fight. Mitt’s temperament isn’t suited for fighting that fight. Every part of Newt’s being, his temperament especially, is geared toward fighting this fight.

It’s time to start fighting this fight so we can vanquish Alinskyite radicalism for a generation.

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