Sunday morning, Esme Murphy interviewed Chip Cravaack. The first thing they talked about was President Obama’s cuts in defense spending. Here’s what Chip said in response to Esme Murphy’s question:

CHIP CRAVAACK: I think they’re draconian cuts. I didn’t vote for the Budget Control Act for the very reason that I was afraid that we would have close to $1,000,000,000,000 in cuts over the next decade coming out of our national defense. Being a 24-year vet, being a retired Navy captain, I can see these cuts being very draconian to the point that we can’t defend the country. We’ve always gone with a 2 theatre concept, meaning that we would be able to fight in 2 theatres if anything should happen.

Right now, we would basically be able to do a 1 theatre war and then cross your fingers and hope nothing else happens. This is very disconcerting to me, especially when you see, as a member of Homeland Security, I can see the threats. The threats are varied and everything from cyber warfare to possibly Iran getting a nuclear weapon and putting that on a missile and shutting down the Straits of Hormuz.

What happens if that occurs and then they’re working with China and China decides to blockade Taiwan? Now what do we do?

It’s rather apparent that Chip Cravaack has a comprehensive understanding of national security policy. It’s equally clear that Chip Cravaack’s star is shining bright.

While the DCCC is undoubtedly targeting Chip for 2012, there’s no question but that he’s significantly more formidable than the DCCC initially anticipated.

Later in the interview, Chip Cravaack talked about his economic viability plans for northern Minnesota, noting that the EIS was almost prepared for PolyMet. Before that, though, Chip criticized the administration for “going from crisis to crisis” in reference to the stop-gap band-aid fix on the payroll tax holiday.

Not that the truth means anything to the DFL but Chip Cravaack gives them a healthy dose of it in this video:

Here’s part of what Congressman Cravaack said about the payroll tax holiday:

CHIP CRAVAACK: Unfortunately, this administration goes from crisis to crisis. What we’re trying to do is have a long-term tax holiday for a year, go ahead and give unemployment insurance for a year and, also, one of the major portions that we’re not talking about right now, but the bill that we proposed over to the Senate had a proposed 2 year doc fix for our seniors.

And that’s not being talked about right now and that’s one of the main things that’s protecting our seniors right now. We have to stop robbing the Social Security Trust Fund.

ESME MURPHY: But that’s why Republicans, including yourself, were initially concerned about supporting an extension to the payroll tax cut.

CHIP CRAVAACK: Well, that’s one of the things…We wanted offsets. We’ve increased spending by 24% in the last 2 years. We wanted to cut back on that spending and making sure that those offsets went right into the Social Security Trust Fund to replenish the Social Security Trust Fund.

Their proposal is to create fees in the housing market, which is going to decrease the construction, which is already completely hindered.

That explanation is why it’ll take a top tier candidate to be competitive with Chip Cravaack in 2012. Chip’s rock solid on the issues and he’s very good at explaining his priorities. That’s what leadership is about.

If the DFL thinks that this is Jim Oberstar’s district, that they’re entitled to that seat and that their candidate will just waltz to victory, they’re kidding themselves.

Good policies makes for great politics. Chip’s looking out for the senior citizens. He’s paying attention to national security. Most importantly, he isn’t getting cowed by the national and local media the minute the DCCC issues a press release criticizing him for his votes.

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8 Responses to “Cravaack criticizes Obama’s “draconian” military cuts”

  • eric z says:

    Is this a raise taxes post?

    If the GOP cuts the money so that rich indulgent men don’t have to be as deeply hurt, taxwise, as small business owners and others, then cutting expenses or running deficits is the only way out.

    Reagan and Bush II went the deficit route, which is unwise. Now the GOP also wants balanced budgets.

    What a bunch of inconsistent whiners.

  • LadyLogician says:

    As long as we are cutting, lets take away from some LIBERAL sacred cows….like half a billion to Planned Parenthood. Or a billion out of the EPA’s “environmental justice grant” program…..

    Oh wait – according to the left that IS necessary spending were stupid little things like national defense are not.


  • Better yet, let’s cut the ENTIRE Dept of Education budget!


  • Gary Gross says:

    Sacred cows is exactly the right term. Eric, why assume that there’s a federal role in education? Most of the stuff that’s demanded in exchange for federal education $$$ comes from the EPA, the Dept. of Energy & the like. It’s indoctrination on green jobs, on climate change.

    The tons of anti-energy regulations hurt businesses & consumers alike. Is it that you’re willing to hurt families so you can punish “the evil rich”?

    It’s troubling that you’ve never considered the possibility that there’s tons of wasteful spending in the federal budget & in state budgets.

  • Curious says:

    If Cravaack is upset about the budget cuts in the DOD budget, then he should talk to his leadership, starting with Speaker Boehner, who brought the bill to the House floor that provides for these cuts. Cravaack’s party passed the bill and now Cravaack is concerned? He’s a little late to be raising this issue.

  • Gary Gross says:

    If you’d paid attention, you’d know that Chip voted against the debt ceiling bill, citing this specific issue as why he wouldn’t vote for the bill. Who’s late to the issue now?

  • eric z says:

    So, again, how is CC saying having the big sabre to rattle, being worldwide policeman, is to be paid for?

    You guys talk around that. Because you’ve no answer.

    Screw the old people out of Social Security and Medicare, to give military brass big pensions? Great.

    All you guys say is there are things you don’t like, but regardless of that, the ineffective [call Iraq a victory and get out] military is an embarrassment, and it was Bush-Rumsfeld-Cheney that got the nation into that quagmire based upon lies about WMD. Get real, guys.

    And it’s worse with the politicians, both parties, that have bases in their district. Does CC have a base in his district? Help me on that, please.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, you’re smarter than this. First, the United States built a navy so they could protect against Iran clogging up the Straits of Hormuz because shutting down 16% of the world’s oil would quickly lead to worldwide depression.

    As for screwing old people out of Social Security & Medicare, Democrats keep voting to extend the payroll tax holiday that’s robbing money from the Social Security Trust Fund. When Democrats voted for Obamacare, Democrats voted for cutting Medicare by over $500,000,000,000 over 10 years.

    Don’t you dare lecture Republicans for supporting cutting Medicare. That’s intellectually feeble & flatout BS.

    I don’t know what you mean by a base inside the district but I know Chip owns a home in Chisago County.

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