9:05 — Steve Perkins nominated to chair the meeting.
9:08 — Waiting on credentials report.
9:09 — Debating the meeting rules.
9:12 — Initial credentials report being given.
9:34 — Rules adopted.
9:35 — Kelly Fenton recognized to speak. RPOY must do better to ensure transparency. Pary has raise more than $159,000 since Ms. Fenton was elected.
9:38 — Fenton: “We must not waste one dollar, one volunteer.”
9:40 — 2012 will be a year of challenged.
9:42 — Fenton delivered strong, inspirational speech.
9:45 — Jeff Johnson: “I know that we have a trust issue.” “Many of you are asking ‘Why should we trust you'”?
9:46 — Jeff Johnson: “We won’t win in 2012 if we don’t trust each other.”
9:54 — Jeff Johnson turns mic over to Mike Vekich after delivering strong speech that focused on transparency & telling people the truth even if it isn’t popular.
10:05 — Question from the floor: Have the bank accounts been reconciled? Have payroll taxes been paid? Answer to both questions is yes. Question: should we order an audit?
10:09 — Statement from the floor: I’ve read the bylaws & I don’t see the authority for taking out loans, etc.
10:12 — Kelly Fenton “We are not obligated to pay for the work by Minnesotans for Fair Redistricting”?
10:15 — Bill Jungbauer asked whether the books are here. He was told they aren’t & that they haven’t been at meetings for “at least 20 years.”
10:28 — $400,000 line item weren’t reported but they were paid.
10:40 — Late Debate is here. Benjamin Kruse is right. There’s “no end in sight for the grilling of the special financial committee by the #GOPSCC crowd.”
11:02 — Shortridge the only candidate who isn’t requesting a salary. McCall & McIntire asking for $50,000-$60,000 plus bonuses.
11:05 — Dave Fitzsimmons places Pat Shortridge’s name into consideration. Kurt Daudt is seconding that nomination.
11:07 00 — Endorsing letter just passed out to press corps from Speaker Zellers, Majority Leader Dean. They’re endorsing Mr. Shortridge.
11:10 — Shortridge: The DFL “can’t fix the structural problems because that isn’t who they are.”
11:12 — “We’re not just about getting elected. We’re about changing our state.” “It isn’t enough to just say no. We have to be about providing solutions.”
11:14 — Shortridge speech is over. Loud applause, with some standing.
11:24 — McIntire speech over. Too long, unfocused.
11:27 — Joe Arwood speaking on behalf of Terry McCall. After Arwood, State Sen. Dan Hall speaks for Terry McCall.
11:32 — A look around the room suggests that there’s over 500 people attending the event.
11:37 — First ballot voting has started. In recess until votes are collected.
11:45 — Matt Dean giving the faithful tons of red meat. “Our majorities faced down Gov. Dayton & his tax increases & his shutdown & won.” Very energetic, positive speech.
11:50 — Sen. Senjem speaking now. “If we don’t win this November, nothing else matters.”
12:03 — call to order.
12:04 — “we don’t need a second ballot.” “McIntire finished with 9 votes. McCall finished with 103 votes. Shortridge finished with 224 votes.”
12:08 — I just spoke with Sen. John Pederson. Sen. Pederson said that he’s “pleased with the outcome.”
12:13 — Sec-Treas. Sturrock presenting budget.
1:05 — Delegates aren’t happy with adding money to budget for judicial elections. Unpersuasive argument made to justify spending money party doesn’t have.

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  • eric z. says:

    As with earlier live blogging you’ve done, it is not easy to keep an active part of things, and be a reporter. You have respect for doing it.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Thanks Eric. You’re right. It isn’t easy. Your concentration is pushed to the max just keeping track of the conversation. That’s before thinking about the people passing materials to the press, some of which were relevant Saturday. That’s before trying to keep track of the conversation while attempting to decipher whether what’s being said is plausible or whether it’s just good-sounding BS. Hint-There was some of that Saturday, too.

    MPR’s Tom Scheck was there, as were Dave Aikens from the SCTimes, Jim Maurice from WJON-AM & Briana Bierschbach from Politics In Minnesota.

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