Charles Krauthammer and George Will earned the reputation for being great conservative thinkers. While their conservative policy credentials are still intact, their ability to comprehend what people living beyond the Beltway are thinking has stunk. Nowhere has their elitism been more aggravating than with their analysis (that term’s used loosely) of the presidential race.

Thankfully, the pro-Newt Winning the Future SuperPAC has taken a shot across these elitists’ bow:

George Will might have fired the first shots and the Wall Street Journal and National Review might have answered the call, but the leader of Establishment Media’s war against Newt Gingrich is now clearly Charles Krauthammer of Fox News. The longtime former speechwriter for ultra liberal Walter Mondale uses several minutes of his time on the “Panel” each and every night to denigrate Gingrich personally while talking down the Former Speaker’s election chances.

“Remember, this is the man who was calling Barack Obama elegant long after most Americans had seen through the teleprompter” said C. Edmund Wright of Winning Our Future, a Super PAC supporting Gingrich and conservative issues. “He wasn’t quite as bad as David Brooks, who was strangely fascinated by Obama’s pant crease, but Krauthammer and Brooks and Will represent an establishment mentality that is frankly foreign to most Americans and certainly most conservatives.”

Krauthmammer’s nightly anti-Gingrich rants have been disgraceful. They’re equalled only by George Will’s weekly diatribes and Jennifer Rubin’s daily elitist rants. While I still somewhat respect Mssrs. Krauthammer and Will on conservative policy, I think of Jennifer Rubin as a talentless writer and political hack.

Last night, Krauthammer cheapshotted most of the GOP presidential candidates:

Wright added that while he respected Krauthammer’s intellect for many years, “it is really disturbing to see him make the petty denigrating comments about Newt, similar to or worse than what he’s said about Sarah Palin, while pretending that the Speaker’s immense accomplishments never happened. And the way he cherry picks poll nubers to characterize the race is simply intellectually dishonest.”

On Wednesday’s show Krauthammer insulted the entire field and got in another jab by saying that Newt “is really in decline now” and felt it necessary to call Herman Cain “embarrassing.”

I’ve finally figured out my New Year’s resolution: avoid Krauthammer’s, Rubin’s and Will’s election opinions. Likewise, I resolve to read Salena Zito’s election reporting from the road and Jedediah Bila’s political analysis.

It’s worth noting that Krauthammer’s policy analysis is still solid and that Will’s writings on the judiciary is still among the best judicial analysis on the market.

It’s sad that they’ve both gotten Stage 4 DC-itis. It’s entirely possible that Dr. Krauthammer doesn’t known that there’s no cure for DC-itis.

Seriously, Mssrs. Will and Krauthammer have expressed their emotions towards Speaker Gingrich, though I don’t understand why. Perhaps, in Will’s case, it’s because Speaker Gingrich picked up Reagan’s torch and carried it forward. In Krauthammer’s case, God only knows why he’s turned this bitter and hostile.

Unfortunately, there’s no doubt that Krauthammer’s and Wills’ careers won’t be substantially affected by their elitism and their not understanding what makes Heartland people tick.

Rick Tyler explains why Winning Our Future SuperPAC is criticizing Krauthammer, et al:

Tyler’s explanation for the move: It’s time to fight back.

“The answer is that you avoid it until it becomes unavoidable. We understand that Newt is not the establishment’s choice. Neither was Reagan. They are now engaged in a battle to ensure he does not get the nomination. We are engaged in a battle to ensure that he does,” Tyler said. “They are playing a dangerous game with the conservatives they claim to speak for, but the base is waking up that they are not us and a huge backlash is beginning to brew against the northeastern GOP establishment.”

If it sounds like WOF is embracing the opportunity to turn this campaign into a conservative insurrection, Tyler said, that’s because they are.

“This is the ground we want to fight on. The rank and file are sick of the establishment dictating the terms of who can and cannot speak for us and we are now fighting back,” Tyler said. “Newt’s entire career is based on breaking up the old order, we are only too happy to keep that tradition alive.”

It’s time for Newt to fight back against the elitists in both parties, first the GOP to capture the nomination, then against Obama’s elitists in the general election.

It eventually had to come to this. Here’s hoping that Newt stays focused on his message of economic dynamism, governmental transformation and tax reform. Let WOF SuperPAC do the fighting back.

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3 Responses to “It’s about time”

  • eric z. says:

    Before it happens, not in hindsight, is Iowa really that important one way or another.

    I know if Ron Paul comes out first, it will be discounted by those not liking him.

    Ditto for any of the other bunch coming first, there will be discounting by unhappy folks.

    But going into it, is New Hampshire more important, South Carolina?

  • eric z. says:

    “It’s time for Newt to fight back against the elitists in both parties, first the GOP to capture the nomination, then against Obama’s elitists in the general election.”

    “… against the elitists …”

    I have always viewed the Gingrich ego as placing himself as elitist numero uno. Freddie Mac must have thought that to, to the tune of $1.6 million.

    I expect we agree then, Gingrich really is no actual elitist, the post indirectly says so, but we disagree on his self image and wannabe status.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, Having an ego doesn’t equate with being an elitist. The distinguishing characteristic of an elitist is that they think they know better than everyone else, which leads them to not listen to the people. That’s never been Newt’s way. He might disagree with you, which might lead him into a dissertation on why he’s right based on the tons of information he has.

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