Once again, Mitt Romney is admitting that he can’t compete with Newt Gingrich on the battlefield of ideas. By going this negative, Gov. Romney is saying that he isn’t confident that his vision for America isn’t appealing enough to win.

Romney campaigned in early voting South Carolina, where tea party activists have given Gingrich a strong lead in polls. Romney told reporters that many voters now are just beginning to pay attention to the race and will turn on Gingrich after they learn about his time in Washington and his role with mortgage company Freddie Mac, a quasi-government agency.

Gingrich’s consulting firm collected $1.6 million from the company.

“I think as tea partiers concentrate on that, for instance, they’ll say, `Wow, this really isn’t the guy that would represent our views,”‘ Romney said after a town hall meeting with South Carolina Rep. Tim Scott. “Many tea party folks, I believe, are going to find me to be the ideal candidate.”

That last line is laughable, especially when they see Mitt praise Ted Kennedy for his contribution to Romneycare:

Newt sat on a couch with Nancy Pelosi. Mitt collaborated with, then praised, Ted Kennedy in putting Romneycare. I’m pretty certain that actions are infinitely more important to TEA Party activists than empty gestures.

Mitt’s praising Ted Kennedy for his behind-the-scenes work on Romneycare is confusing because Mitt’s admitted that Romney doesn’t control health care costs. He said that that wasn’t its goal, saying that getting everyone insured was the goal.

TEA Party activists know that a) Mitt isn’t one of them and b) that Mitt’s priorities aren’t the TEA Party’s priorities. It’s never been TEA Party activists’ goal to collaborate with Ted Kennedy, the biggest of the big spending Massachusetts liberals, on the precursor of Obamacare. That’s what Mitt did.

What’s almost as disgusting is the fact that Mitt’s attempting to be a person he isn’t. It’s just Mitt’s most recent attempted ‘transformation’ to fit his campaign’s needs.

Mitt’s team isn’t stupid. They know that he’s never connected with TEA Party conservatives. That’s why Mitt’s attempting to be something he isn’t. It’s one thing to say foolish things or make mistakes. It’s quite another to attempt to be something that you aren’t.

The biggest requisite to being a TEA Party activist is being conservative. The next biggest requisite is being yourself. If there’s anything that TEA Party activists won’t tolerate, it’s a pretender. We want the real thing, not a charlatan who plays a conservative when it’s necessary.

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