There’s been alot of upheaval and discord within the Minnesota GOP within the last month. Surely, lefty websites are writing the obituaries of the state GOP as we speak. Just as surely, there’s alot of in-party complaining, too. If a snapshot were taken right now, people would undoubtedly predict that the Republican Party of Minnesota was heading for a steep cliff.

That’s a fair assessment. While it’s a fair assessment, it isn’t a fait accompli.

The chief reason it isn’t a fait accompli that Republicans will careen off that proverbial cliff is because Republicans are the reform party, the taxpayers’ watchdog party, the ideas party.

The DFL is still the monied party, the I’ll-fight-for-the-failed-status-quo party, the party of special interests. That’s just reality. A party led by the Dayton family’s cronies is a disaster for Minnesota’s families.

Does anyone think that the DFL isn’t the control freak party? At a time when people are pushing back against control freakism, how well will it play when it’s highlighted that the DFL and the Dayton administration has dragged its feet in approving mining exploration leases? How well will it play when Republicans highlight the fact that the DFL wants to unionize small businesses?

Many of the DFL initiatives are being funded by Gov. Dayton’s first ex-wife, Alida Messinger, and the public employee unions that benefit from airheaded DFL policies. It’s worth noting that the DFL isn’t the party of the people anymore. They’re puppets of the special interests.

That said, the Minnesota GOP has its challenges. First, accountability is essentially nonexistent. That must change starting immediately.

Second, a party that’s run by insiders isn’t acceptable anymore. The only recent electoral success came in 2010, a year marked by new participants. This isn’t coincidence. The insiders haven’t had much success recently. If insiders attempt to tell true believers what to do, they’ll find life very difficult.

Third, the GOP party leadership team needs to eliminate egos. Too many people think that they’re bigger than the party. That list included delusional liberals like Arne Carlson and Dave Durenberger and conservatives like Pat Anderson.

I have a simple message for them:


Arne Carlson isn’t the Minnesota GOP’s wise elder statesman. He’s a liberal who betrayed the party. What’s worse is that he thinks that he’s entitled to elevated status within the GOP.

Tony Sutton was right in banning Gov. Carlson, Gov. Quie and Sen. Durenberger from attending the national conventions. Consider that the first step in the NO MORE!!! campaign.

When Pat Anderson was elected as national committeewoman to the RNC, she failed to tell delegates that she’d gotten hired to lobby for Racino. That morning, the delegates voted to emphasize the party’s official opposition to Racino.

Pat Anderson essentially said that she was bigger than the party when she didn’t disclose her getting hired to lobby on behalf of Racino. She isn’t bigger than the party. She’s just doing whatever it takes to stay viable as a statewide candidate for higher office.

NO MORE!!! will We The People stand for unprincipled politicians like Pat Anderson and Arne Carlson.

The path forward is simple: establish a system of accountability, listen to the outsiders more and tell the status quo people that they need to contribute to the vitality of the Minnesota GOP. Productive, ideas-oriented activists are vital to the health of the Minnesota GOP.

It’s just that simple.

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4 Responses to “The Path Forward”

  • eric z says:

    It is most unfortunate how Mark Dayton and his ex-wife were the cause of the other party being in hock, being split over gambling with the one guy who left quitting the Indian casino interests but the wife staying, for people getting into each others’ pants outside of marriage, for the Tea Party calling RINO at the drop of a Rockefeller dime. And, yet, “Republicans are the reform party, the taxpayers’ watchdog party, the ideas party.” To one knowing that with unflinching certainty, it might be hard to see exactly how close or far away that precipice is.

  • M Hanson says:

    Scream all you want but the ship left the port and in the eyes of Minnesotans the republican image is forever tarnished.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, Are you proud of the fact that the Dayton Family Politics, Inc. ran the biggest smear campaign in Minnesota gubernatorial history? Are you proud of the fact that most of their accusations were criticized by as being blatantly false? The DFL isn’t a political party as much as it’s a parasite organization feeding off of taxpayers.

    If we’d passed a budget that reflected Minnesotans’ priorities, half of the DFL’s special interest allies would’ve gotten defunded this year. Instead, the parasites running the DFL insisted on spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need while insisting that “the rich” aren’t paying their fair share & while their parasitic organizations dine on Minnesotans’ wallets.

    The DFL isn’t ashamed of themselves because they don’t have a collective conscience.

  • eric z says:

    I am generally satisfied with Dayton, given that he has to work with two houses under control of the other party.

    I think he was too eager to back away from “tax the rich” as an active goal vs. having it as a campaigning point. I think the Dems did the same thing with healthcare reform for years, and then delivered a non-reform since not only single payer, but public option were too early taken off the table.

    But that was national.

    Gary are you proud of the carrying on?

    Your first sign of learning curve – you as a party not on a personal basis – will be in choosing a party head unlike Carey and unlike Sutton and unlike Brodkorb.

    Each, being better or worse at the job, was a partisan tactician. You need a top person concerned with unimpeachable integrity, with that portfolio, and the politics can be left to the deputy chair.

    Why help, not being GOP?

    Because if you’re going to continue, and hold a stranglehold voting majority where I live, I want you to be as clean as a squeaky plate, as pure as Ceasar’s wife. Then go from there and, hopefully, be sensible too. Mop up, then shape up.

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