Saturday night, the DFL announced to the world what they think is the world’s greatest threat. Actually, it wasn’t the DFL state party. It was the SD38 DFL that made this analysis. It’s stunning that they cited this article. Here’s what the DFL thinks is the single biggest threat to the world:

The single greatest threat to the United States is not joblessness, foreclosures, another recession or skyrocketing debt or health care costs. Nor is it terrorism, China or declining influence abroad. No, the single greatest threat to our country is today’s Republican Party.

That’s because the GOP is relentlessly pursuing a policy of the American public be damned, so that next year Republicans can regain the national political dominance they held from 2001 to 2006. Their sole, selfish aim is to complete the transformation of the U.S. to a government of, by and for the rich and the far-right.

This isn’t aberrant behavior on the DFL’s part. It’s part of their national DNA. This is an exchange between the late Tim Russert and Howard Dean:

MR. RUSSERT: Let me talk about some of the things you have said about the Republicans. Here’s Howard Dean in January: “I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for…”

Howard Dean in February: “This is a struggle between good and evil and we’re the good?”

Do you really hate Republicans? Do you consider them evil?

It’s apparent that a significant portion of the DFL is hateful.

Thanks to the SD-38 DFL’s tweet, we know that terrorism isn’t the biggest threat to America. It isn’t the national debt that President Obama imperiled us with. It isn’t a record-breaking stretch of unemployment. It isn’t even China owning tons of our debt.

The DFL thinks that the biggest threat to the U.S. is the GOP:

Modern Republicans have a simple approach to politics when they are not in the White House: Make America as ungovernable as possible by using any means available…Control as much as possible what the population gets to see and hear; create chaos for your opponent’s government, economically and politically; blame it for the mess; and establish in the minds of the voters that their only way out is to submit, that the pain will stop once your side is back in power…

Republicans and the Right…are well positioned to roll the U.S. economy off the cliff and blame the catastrophe on Obama. Indeed, that may be their best hope for winning Election 2012.

In addition to being hateful, the DFL doesn’t hesitate in lying. They know that President Obama’s stimulus plan failed miserably. They know this administration’s attempt to kill the Keystone XL Pipeline project hurts the construction industry and keeps the unemployment rate needlessly high.

House Republicans have passed 22 bills that would help create hundreds of thousands of jobs. They’re piling up on the Senate’s doorstep. That’d be the Democrat-controlled Senate.

They’re piling these bills up so they can lie to the American people by saying that Republicans want to demolish the American economy. That’s BS. I wrote in this post that the annual unemployment rate for 2006 was a paltry 4.6%. That’s the final year that Republicans controlled the House, Senate and White House. That year’s annual deficit was $160,000,000,000, approximately 8 times less than the this administration’s average annual deficit.

The next time that the SD-38 DFL tweets that Republicans are the greatest danger to the world, they’d better get their facts straight. If they’re spreading this type of rubbish and I see it, I’ll rip them like I’m ripping them tonight.

The DFL is proficient in reciting their talking points that Republicans are evil. What they’re worthless at is defending them against a skilled debater who’s got the facts on his side.

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5 Responses to “DFL’s stupidity on display”

  • J. Ewing says:

    Classic case of projection.

  • Bob J. says:

    Whistling past the graveyard. It’s what Democrats do.

  • eric z. says:

    The biggest threat long term, since the end of World War II, is population growth exceeding the capacity of the planet to sustain things. If there is not a birth solution to the population bomb, there will be a death solution, famine worse in the third world, suffering spawning greater terrorism, our next generations not having the chance to have things as good as we’ve had, exhaustible resources being exhausted – including petroleum and clean fresh water, surface and ground water where aquifer depletion is real and an ever increasing danger. Any other story is off base.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, baby boomers will start dying off in significant numbers within 10 years. The generation after that is smaller.

  • eric z says:

    Gary, the world does not end at the borders or the oceans.

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