It’s been clear for quite awhile that Jennifer Rubin was the Romney campaign’s plant at the Washington Post. This post confirms it:

There a few things more distasteful about Newt Gingrich than his grotesque hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is a quality not uncommon among pols, but Gingrich takes it to new levels. The man who was for the Libya war before he was against it, was for the individual mandate before he was against it, savaged Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan before he admired it, and snuggled up to Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on global warming before he renounced her global warming fetish has no problem casting himself as the heroic, consistent conservative while criticizing his opponent Mitt Romney for his changes of mind.

And when it comes to excoriating lobbyists and special interests, no one tops the candidate from Big Pharm, Freddie Mac and the ethanol industry.

Let’s address these issues one-by-one. Ms. Rubin is deploying the myth that Gingrich was ever for attacking Libya. He wasn’t and she knows it. What happened is that the interviewer talked about President Obama’s statement that Kadhaffi “had to go.” Then the interviewer asked how a Gingrich would make that happen. Newt wasn’t asked if he’d make the same decision. He was given a hypothetical situation and asked to deal with it. He did.

As for being for the individual mandate, that was in 1994. By 1996, the Heritage Foundation and Speaker Gingrich abandoned it because it wouldn’t do the things they thought it might. Newt has since admitted that he was wrong about the individual mandate.

Why hasn’t Mitt admitted that his supporting the individual mandate is a mistake?

What’s worse: Newt shooting a commercial with Ms. Pelosi or Mitt taking John Holdren’s advice to implement stringent job-killing CO2 emission standards?

Ms. Rubin whines about the water Newt supposedly carried for Fannie and Freddie. She’s a well-connected DC journalist. Why hasn’t she told the world what water Newt allegedly carried? It’s one thing to offer policy advice. It’s quite another to help protect Fannie and Freddie.

Thus far, Ms. Rubin hasn’t shown how Newt lobbied Congress in an attempt to protect Fannie and Freddie. Perhaps that’s because he only offered policy advice to the mortgage giants?

But nothing quite tops his lecturing Herman Cain about adultery. Politico reports: “Newt Gingrich, who has been friendly with Herman Cain but who has suggested his opponent needs to deal with the drip-drip of allegations about his past, suggested the businessman needs to address the claims made by Ginger White.

I watched John King’s interview. He asked Newt if Herman Cain’s campaign was finished. Newt replied that that’s Cain’s decision, along with his family. At no point did Newt lecture Cain. If Ms. Rubin watched the interview, she’d know that. What happened was that Newt said that, from a campaign matter, Cain would have to address the situation or face daily questioning about the allegations.

The very fact that Gingrich would so blithely direct Cain to bear his soul undermines Gingrich’s canard that he’s truly repentant. If he were truly remorseful and shamed by his own conduct, would he be going into his holier-than-thou routine? I think not.

Did Ms. Rubin watch the interview? If she did, she’d know that Newt didn’t revert to “his holier-than-thou routine.” If she said that after watching the interview, then wrote this trash, I’d ask her what led her to believe that Newt went into “his holier-than-thou routine”? If she couldn’t give an explanation, I’d then ask if she’s just attacking Newt because she hates him.

If Ms. Rubin wants to frequently write hate-filled anti-Newt diatribes, which she’s doing, she shouldn’t get paid by the Washington Post. Mitt’s campaign should be paying her.

Ms. Rubin should resign because she’s writing hate-filled posts rather than writing informative articles. Her hatred for Newt is clouding her judgment.

Ms. Rubin undoubtedly complained about the media’s slobbering over President Obama. Now she’s taking things to the next level. Not only is she ignoring Mitt’s shortcomings, she’s attacking candidates that expose Mitt’s shortcomings.

Ms. Rubin, it’s time for you to resign.

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