Michael Hirsch’s article for the National Journal is so steeped in liberal ideology that I couldn’t resist ripping it to shreds.

Here’s one part of Hirsch’s off-the-mark analysis:

Rick Perry, badly needing to put his brain-freeze moment behind, came out strong, winning audience applause for his “zero-budget” approach to foreign aid (though he stumbled a bit when he suggested that Israel, along with Pakistan, might have to make the case anew why it should receive U.S. assistance, a comment that will arouse the wrath of many GOP voters. But ultimately Perry delivered a somewhat mystifying answer when he was asked whether the U.S. was engaged in “financial warfare” with China. He awkwardly invoked Ronald Reagan’s famous prediction that the Soviets would end up on the “ash heap,” saying the Chinese regime would end up in the same place “if they do not change their virtues.” For a candidate who does not need another reason to remind people of George W. Bush, it was a moment that did just that.

Gov. Perry had a strong performance, talking much more fluently about Pakistan and Afghanistan than most people expected, then talking about how to stop China from stealing our intellectual property. (What Hirsch is talking about is anyone’s guess.)

Cain, Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich also seemed willing to turn the clock back to an uglier, earlier period when waterboarding was permitted and the rest of the world’s views didn’t matter, which it seems most have moved past.

What Mr. Hirsch is talking about is the fact that Cain, Bachmann and Gingrich won’t hesitate to use proven intelligence-gathering methods to protect the United States. Apparently, Mr. Hirsch thinks we’re better off being appeasers rather than doing what’s necessary to prevent terrorist attacks.

Mr. Hirsch apparently doesn’t believe CIA operators who’ve written that waterboarding KSM helped the CIA break him, leading to the breaking up multiple major terrorist plots, including a planned attack on Los Angeles.

If my choices are being liked or preventing terrorist attacks by waterboarding KSM, I’ll opt for waterboarding KSM every time.

Mr. Hirsch needs to get a job with CODEPINK. He doesn’t belong writing about national security.

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