Steve Benen’s article says that the economy has improved during President Obama’s time in office. Considering the state it was in in late September, 2008, it’s almost impossible for it not to be.

Benen’s chief argument appears to be the job growth during President Obama’s administration. Benen’s chief sub-argument apparently is that private sector job growth should be the only measurement of job growth. That’s an incredibly silly argument since robust economic growth is needed to sustain the public sector.

The reason why there’s been so many jobs lost in the public sector is because we’ve had anemic economic growth. The euphemism for anemic economic growth is “the new normal”, which is a remnant philosophy that I first heard during the Carter administration.

At the time, interest rates were sky high. (When a friend of mine bought his first house, he paid 16% interest.) Experts talked about the likelihood that we’d never see interest rates lower than 9%. The economy was so bad that Sen. Hubert Humphrey teamed with Rep. Augustus Hawkins to push through the Humphrey-Hawkins Full Employment And Balanced Growth Act to artificially spur job growth.

Another storyline amongst liberals was that the presidency was just too big for 1 man. Conservatives like George Will argued to the contrary, saying that the presidency was too big for the current president, Jimmy Carter.

Will was vindicated when President Reagan took command in 1981.

As an amateur baseball historian since the mid-1960’s, I well remember Baltimore’s fiery manager Earl Weaver. George Will, a huge baseball fan, once wrote this about Mr. Weaver:

Time was, the Baltimore Orioles’ manager was Earl Weaver, a short, irascible, Napoleonic figure who, when cranky, as he frequently was, would shout at an umpire, “Are you going to get any better or is this it?”

The point of the baseball analogy is to give a political answer to Earl Weaver’s question. With President Obama, this is it. Things won’t get better. The economy won’t see any dynamic growth spurts. There won’t be any dramatic job growth numbers as long as President Obama is president.

Certainly, we won’t see job growth like September, 1983, when 1,100,000 jobs were created. Yes, that’s 1.1 million jobs created in a single month. We won’t see 11,000,000 jobs created in 4 years while Bill Clinton was president and Newt Gingrich was Speaker. That’s creating an average of 275,000 jobs per month for 4 years.

By contrast, President Obama hasn’t strung 3 straight months of 275,000 jobs growth together.

Americans don’t yet know that things will improve decisively with a conservative in the White House and the GOP controlling the House and Senate. They’ll soon know that, though. That’s what campaigns are about.

History is repeating itself. Once again, we elected a man who isn’t qualified for the job. Once again, our president is arguing that the economy is stagnating and it’ll never get better.

Americans know better than that. They know that this administration is what’s holding this nation back. We haven’t gotten lethargic, which this president has suggested. We’re just treading water until we get a real president again, one who isn’t prone to making stupid decisions about gas pipelines, a president who isn’t prone to letting regulatory agencies kill important jobs.

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