Common Cause MN has more than their fair share of chutzpah. They’ve preached the Gospel of transparency and nonpartisanship with the best of them. They’ve done that despite the fact that they’re a bitterly partisan organization committed to hiding facts from the public. They embargoed the redistricting map drawn by an Obama organizer rather than let the public offer improvements to their map:

Based on my experiences with Draw the Line over the past several months, I urge the Panel to reject the map submitted to the Panel by Draw the Line because the map drawing process was secretive and flawed and ultimately resulted in a partisan map that fails to reflect the objective demographic shifts that have occurred in Minnesota over the past decade.

I think that because of its high number of incumbent legislator pairings and because it pairs only Republican members of Congress, the map is too likely to benefit the Democratic Party. I am especially concerned that we commission members were not allowed sufficient time or access to the map to critique it objectively or to determine its implications before we were led to approve it.

In addition, the mapping specialist who was hired at the last minute (Linden Weiswerda) and whom we originally thought was independent and nonpartisan turns out to have worked for President Obama’s campaign in 2008.

Wieswerda was hired after a last minute grant came in. After that, the testimony and collaboration pretty much went out the window.

That’s why it’s highly ironic that Common Cause MN is complaining about the redistricting process in Arizona:

At just about every meeting of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, at least one of several attorneys representing a group called FAIR Trust sits among the audience.

They take notes, make public recommendations to the commission and occasionally talk privately with commissioners.

FAIR Trust’s attorneys say they want to help the commission adhere to the legal requirements that govern the high-stakes, once-in-a-decade political remapping process, and the group’s name suggests it is interested in fairness.

But what FAIR Trust’s attorneys refuse to say is that they’re actually representing a group of incumbent Republicans from Arizona’s congressional delegation and the state Legislature.

I’m shocked to find partisanship going on in redistricting. Who would’ve thunk it?

This is infuriating and nauseating. Mike Dean and Common Cause MN didn’t like it when Republicans were included in the Citizens Commission. During the roundtable debate on Late Debate with Jack and Ben, Dean certainly tried hiding the fact that the most corrupt organizations were the driving forces behind DTL-Minnesota.

That night, Dean insisted that DTL-Minnesota was only interested in “increasing public participation” and “increase transparency” into the redistricting process.

Mitch Berg nailed Dean on that, saying that it was interesting what wasn’t getting talked about. Mitch specifically cited the fact that the organizations that ran the biggest smear campaign in Minnesota gubernatorial history were the behind-the-scenes forces for DTL-Minnesota. (If Mitch hadn’t said it, I would’ve.)

It’s shameful that Common Cause MN would hook up with the most corrupt political organization in the state. It’s even more shameful when that corrupt political organization is largely funded by our governor’s first ex-wife.

Any attempt by Mike Dean to portray himself as anything other than as a political hack, any attempt by Common Cause MN to act like a nonpartisan organization should be met with ridicule.

They’re hyperpartisan and they’re committed to secrecy when that’s what’s needed.

The author of the Arizona article isn’t too bright:

And if the incumbent politicians behind FAIR Trust decide the final maps don’t meet their desires, the group’s role will likely shift from lobbying to litigating. Led by a team of high-powered attorneys, a lawsuit by the group would take months or years, costing tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Redistricting for congressional seats must be done by a date-certain. That’s federal law. The reporter either isn’t too bright or he’s lying through his teeth.

TakeAction Minnesota is the umbrella organization for the DFL’s staunchest political allies: the poverty industry, unions, gay rights activists and militant environmentalists.

It isn’t overstatement to say that Common Cause MN and their corrupt allies at TakeAction Minnesota are consumed with drawing the most DFL-friendly map possible. For them to complain that Republicans are behaving like Common Cause MN and TakeAction Minnesota are behaving here isn’t just disgusting. It’s laughable.

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