Photo Op Amy is offering pork-filled legislation in the form of a mini-transportation bill. That’s what this Strib article is reporting:

Klobuchar says the infrastructure bill is not about partisan politics, but addresses an important need, fixing the country’s aging infrastructure.

“These truly have had bipartisan support in the past,” said Klobuchar, who said her interest in infrastructure dates back to the Interstate 35W bridge collapse. “I believe there’s some merit within the chamber for this, whether passes on the first try or not.”

In Minnesota, Republican Party Chairman Tony Sutton said that “it’s not surprising that Sen. Klobuchar is the ‘sweet’ being trotted out to complement Harry Reid’s ‘sour’ proposal for yet another massive federal stimulus bill.”

Among the bill’s $50 billion in infrastructure spending is $27 billion for road, bridge and rail infrastructure, $9 billion for transit and $4 billion for high-speed rail.

There are undoubtedly some worthy projects included in the bill. I’d be surprised if most of the projects weren’t pork-filled ‘re-election specials’. I’d be surprised if they didn’t help a Democrat brag how he brought home the bacon for his state.

The fact that $4,000,000,000 is targeted for high-speed rail tells people that Sen. Klobuchar isn’t listening to the will of the people. Governors and average people on Main Street are rejecting spending money on projects like the Northern Lights Express, aka the NLX. The NLX is a pet project for both Tarryl Clark and Sen. Klobuchar. They want that project badly. (Rumor has it that they both need another photo op to attend to embellish their image.)

Spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need while not fixing damaged roads and bridges is foolish. Doesn’t Sen. Klobuchar understand the need to set intelligent priorities? Apparently not.

It’s a sad state of affairs that a sitting US senator doesn’t have a clue about setting wise policy priorities.

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