Friday afternoon, Rep. Sarah Anderson harshly criticized DTL-Minnesota’s tactics regarding their redistricting map. Here’s the text of Rep. Anderson’s statement:

House Redistricting Committee chair Rep. Sarah Anderson, R-Plymouth, today criticized a group that has called for transparency in the legislative redistricting process for withholding its final map proposal from public scrutiny.

Activist group “Draw the Line Minnesota” confirmed on Thursday that it would not putting its alternative congressional and legislative maps on display for public review until Oct. 21, the final day maps from the public may be submitted to the judicial redistricting panel for consideration.

“I question a group’s motives when they scream for transparency, honesty, and integrity for everyone else but themselves,” Anderson said, noting the Legislature held 16 hearings, including three in Greater Minnesota, and amended its plan to reflect the testimony received.

“For Draw the Line to hide their final product and put it forward to the courts without public input is troubling,” Anderson said. “If they feel the maps they’ve created are fair and reflect established redistricting principles, they should give the public and legislators the opportunity to view the maps before they are submitted to the panel.”

Anderson said she continues to work with colleagues on getting a map signed by the governor. She added she has reached out to the House DFL caucus and is making calls to all 62 House DFL members to solicit their input.

“Between the public input I have received, along with the comments from colleagues, I am eager to get maps passed that are fair to all Minnesotans and reflect the population and demographic shifts within the state,” Anderson said.

DTL-Minnesota’s website says that transparency is their top priority:

Draw the Line Minnesota, led by the League of Women Voters Minnesota, is a network of nonprofit organizations working to reform the redistricting process in Minnesota.

The campaign seeks to create a better redistricting process in Minnesota that uses the following principles:

1. The redistricting process should be independent and nonpartisan, to minimize the influence of elected officials and political parties in creating districts to their own political advantage.
2. The redistricting process should be transparent to the public.
3. The redistricting body should provide data, tools, and opportunities for the public to have direct input into the specific plans under consideration.
4. The redistricting process must be reflective of the diversity of the state, especially racial and ethnic diversity.
5. Redistricting plan should preserve communities of interest wherever possible, where communities of interest aregroups of people concentrated in a geographic area that share similar interests and priorities, whether social, cultural, ethnic, racial, economic, or religious.

DTL-Minnesota’s website isn’t trustworthy. Saying that “the redistricting process should be transparent to the public” is wonderful fluff to the public. What it isn’t is the truth. DTL-Minnesota’s actions say that they’re into secrecy.

I had the privilege of teaming with Mitch Berg and, to a lesser extent, Kent Kaiser, during Late Debate’s Sunday night roundtable, which I wrote about here. Follow this link to Mitch’s post.

Kent Kaiser explained on Jack and Ben’s Late Debate Sunday night roundtable that the legislature’s map was actually quite defensible. He went so far as to say that, based on the Citizen’s Commission’s priorities, the legislature’s map was actually pretty good.

The reality is that DTL-Minnesota’s tactics aren’t surprising considering just how corrupt the organization is, starting with TakeAction Minnesota:

TakeAction Minnesota, aka TAM, is one of the charter organizations that helped start the Alliance for a Better Minnesota, aka ABM. ABM is the corrupt organization that funded the biggest smear campaign in Minnesota gubernatorial history.

Most of ABM’s funding comes from Gov. Dayton’s first ex-wife, Alida Messinger, and the DFL’s public employee unions allies. Considering the fact that TakeAction Minnesota teamed with Gov. Dayton’s first ex-wife to run the biggest smear campaign in state gubernatorial history, it isn’t surprising that DTL-Minnesota is corrupt. That DTL-Minnesota is corrupt but isn’t transparent isn’t surprising to anyone who’s looked into their history.

Mike Dean and Common Cause MN should be criticized mercilessly for their constant lecturing about the need for transparency and accountability, then doing the opposite of what they’ve lectured others to do.

Mr. Dean and Common Cause MN are typical do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do liberal political hacks. They aren’t good government types. They’re people who shouldn’t be trusted.

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