This picture sends the most coherent message I’ve heard yet out of the Occupy Wall Street Protests:

If that sarcastic humor doesn’t make you laugh on a Friday afternoon, then you’ve got issues.

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  • walter hanson says:


    I went down to Minneapolis’s version last night and they had a rally going on so there wasn’t much I could check out. I noticed a table setup that had two ladies there and a sign asking for supplies. I asked them so if you ban corporations where are you going to get the products you want? They quickly denied that they were for banning corporations.

    On their table was a sign that showed how income inequality was growing. I pointed out that if you taxed every single cent of income from the rich you wouldn’t have enough money to run the government. They quickly pointed out that they weren’t in favor of taxing every dollar, but just wanted more equality. I didn’t bother to get into a debate about how their only other possible solution was to cap income.

    Then a guy walked up who said our biggest problem was how the Repubicans gave us the Federal Reserve Board in 1913. I pointed out that the President was Woodrow Wilson was a democrat. I was polite enough not to point out if you don’t know who gave us the Federal Reserve Board how do you know the damage they might be causing.

    I pointed out that if they wanted real change that they weren’t going to get it unless they voted out Obama. Not one of three immediately said they weren’t voting for Obama. The hedging ladies of course said they were waiting to see who was running.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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