Anyone thinking that DTLM is anything other than a tentacle off a major astroturf organization isn’t informed. Draw the Line Minnesota is part of a dishonest astroturfed organization called Draw the Line Midwest. Here’s what DTL-Midwest says about what’s at stake in this redistricting process:

What is at stake when it comes to how political district lines are drawn? The answer is simple: your voice our democracy.

The process that occurs in our states every 10 years following the national census is the foundation for how our government operates. At the most basic level, redistricting ensures that the constitutional principle of “one person, one vote.”

Ultimately, the redistricting process determines:
•How your community is defined
•Who you have the opportunity to vote for
•What kinds of policies and issues get debated
•What happens to your tax dollars
•How the complex set of challenges we face are handled (or not)

With so much at stake, you might think that we have a say in how this powerful process is carried out. But we don’t. The redistricting process is marked by secrecy, self-dealing and backroom logrolling among elected officials. Legislators who stand to benefit from the status quo have every incentive to leave the issue in the dark.

DTL-Midwest can’t even go half a page without being deceitful. Saying that people don’t have a say in the matter might be true in Chicago but that isn’t how it’s done in Ohio, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Here in Minnesota, the House Redistricting Committee, chaired by Rep. Sarah Anderson, held 15 public meetings at the Capitol. The committee held public hearings in Hermantown, Marshall and Rochester, too.

DTL-Midwest is intentionally painting a dishonest picture to tell people that a process that’s open really is about corruption and secrecy. Shame on them for painting that type of dishonest picture.

In March, Professor Larry Jacobs asked the question at a League of Women Voters forum of whether voters picked their politicians or if politicians picked their voters. It’s a time-tested perennial question that doesn’t have anything to do with this year’s redistricting in Minnesota.

During the past decade, people ‘voted with their mortgages’ on who they wanted representing them in Washington, DC and in St. Paul. They fled urban sections of the state like DFL politicians were selling toxic waste. These same people flocked to MN-6 and MN-2 like they were offering low property taxes and sane local representation.

Interestingly, DTL-Ohio sprang into existence when Republicans crushed Democrats in state legislative races. Democrats entered election night with a 53-46 lead in the Ohio House of Representatives and control of the governor’s mansion. When the dust settled, Republicans held a 58-41 seat majority and control of the governor’s mansion.

With Republicans controlling the redistricting process, DTL-Ohio sprang into existence, talking about the need for “Preserving county boundaries, compactness, competitiveness and representational fairness.

One of DTL-Ohio’s strongest allies is Jim Slagle, of the Ohio Campaign for Accountable Redistricting. Mr. Slagle let DTL-Ohio’s real motivation slip in this article:

Using an index created from the results of the 2008 presidential election and the 2010 races for governor, state auditor and secretary of state, Slagle said it would take a “major shift” in Ohio voting patterns for Democrats to overcome the new lines.

“They made it as close to a lock as they could,” he said of Republicans.

The key isn’t to draw the district lines to be fair. The key is for Democrats to become less extreme. If they can’t win everywhere in the state, then they’re really dealing with being out of step with Ohio voters.

Another part of the DTL-Midwest family is the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. Check out their mission statement:

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is a nonprofit, nonpartisan political watchdog group dedicated to clean government. We advocate for a real democracy that allows the common good to prevail over narrow interests by reinforcing and protecting the values of honesty, fairness, transparency, accountability, citizen participation, competition, and respect for constitutional rights and the rule of law.

In pursuit of its mission, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign tracks the money in state politics, fights government corruption and works for campaign finance reform, fair elections, judicial integrity, media democracy, open and transparent government, and democracy reform in areas such as state legislative and congressional redistricting, ethics, and lobbying. We pursue these objectives through research, citizen education, community outreach, coalition building and direct advocacy.

If an organization is pushing campaign finance reform, that indicates that they’re a progressive organization. Other indicators of their bias are euphemisms like judicial integrity and media democracy.

These are just a few of DTL-Midwest’s tentacles. While I’ve compiled an exstensive list of DTL-Midwest’s tentacles, they aren’t a comprehensive list of their tentacles.

Check back later this week for more information on the national aspects of this progressive movement. Rest assured that we’re just scratching the surface on this corrupt movement.

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